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Cairn Gorm (SW #67)

United Kingdom

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The climb begins just east of Loch Morlich in the Scottish Highlands.  Rarely reaching double digit grades this 5.5 kilometer climb is steepest through its one giant hairpin that runs up to 15% for 100 meters. Unfortunately, the views were obscured by clouds and rain the day in late September, 2018 that we made the climb. Do bring 2£ to park.


Finish at the ski resort


Steepest kilometer begins at km 1.6 (10.4%)

The climb ends at Cairngorm Mountain which is billed as “One of Scotland's Top 10 Visitor Attractions and home to the UK's highest Funicular Railway.”  There is also a Cairngorm Cycling Club.

Cairn Gorm is the sixth highest mountain in the UK, at 1245 metres (4084 ft) that has an average gradient of 6% and contains two hairpin turns. It is in the largest national park in the British Isles and covers the Cairngorms range of mountains.