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Porlock Hill (SW #4)

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary

Cycling Porlock Hill, England - road signs warning of Gradient Uphill, Caravans advised to use toll road, road winding around corner, large white home on side of road, Simon Warren's 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs #4 logo in corner     

Cycling Porlock Hill.

Porlock, England.

Cycling Porlock Hill, England - road signs for Porlock Hill, and advertising 13% grade, reminding to use low gear, sheep grazing in pastureland on side of road                         

This climb begins in site of Bristol Channel to the north and hits us straight away!  The first 300 meters average 11% (a nice warm up), followed by the 450 meters double hairpin section at 18.5% average grade.  This difficult 2.5 kilometer climbs is bordered for the first kilometer by bushes and trees until opening up with pasture lands and northerly views of Bristol Channel for the last 1.5 kilometers.

Cycling Porlock Hill, England - informational sign for visitors of Porlock   

Climb begins in the coastal village of Porlock (pop. 1,440, 2011).

Bike climb Porlock Hill  - keep clear sign 

Start of 100 meters of 20% grade -- beware careening cars.  😓

Bicycle ride Porlock Hill - sheep grazing, road 

Pastures along last 1.5 kilometers.

Cycling Porlock Hill  - sign at end of climb with bike leaning against it 

Top of the climb.


Steepest ½ kilometer begins at 300m (17.9%)

Cyclinguphill says of this climb “It is a really tough climb, with 25% hairpins at the bottom, taking you out of the village of Porlock. After this very hard 1st mile, the gradient mercifully eases off, but it’s still a long drag to the top. It is a really tough climb. Porlock up the A39 is probably the hardest and steepest A road in England. It is a really testing climb. Very steep from the bottom, then a long way to the top. I rode up the hard way after the race up the toll road.”  Read more.  

Porlock Hill is within Hawkcombe Woods National Nature Reserve:

“Hawkcombe Woods is a national nature reserve near Porlock on Exmoor, Somerset, England.  The 101 hectares (250 acres) woodlands are notable for their lichens, heath fritillary butterfly, red wood ant colonies, dead wood invertebrates and ancient pollards.  They are part of the North Exmoor Site of Special Scientific Interest”  (Hawkcombe Woods).