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Colle bivio Seit - San Giacomo


Challenging climb into the mountains south of Bolzano Bozen

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Colle bivio Seit south (San Giacomo)

Bivio in Italian means “crossroads” - thus, this is the crossroad colle of Seit.

Steepest kilometer begins at km 6.8 (12.8%)

This one hits you right from the start with a double digit grade that never lets up - what it lacks in scenic offerings is more than made up for with 6.6 miles of agony.  There are some spots along the way with views of Bolzano and to the south in the direction of Trento.  Be sure to ride past the actual colle and up the remaining .8 miles, 338’ at 8.8% grade to Albergo Schneiderwiesen.

IMG_1022.JPG      IMG_1041.JPG

Some nice views up to the finish at Albergo Schneiderwiesen

Colle bivio Seit North (Bolzano)

Beginning at the southeastern edge of Bolzano Bozen, this climb is extremely steep.  The entire climb is along a very narrow road which is most often bordered by thick forest - thus, not much in the way of distant views - What you lose in view you gain in pain!!!

Steepest kilometer begins at km 1.5 (14.5%)