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Porlock Toll Road

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary

Climb Sumary


Photo by Martin Bodman 


Start of steepest ½ km at kilometer 2.2 (6.5%)

Cyclist.co.uk writes of this climb:

“The 6.8km Porlock Toll Road is not to be confused with the main road that also snakes steeply (25% max) up Porlock Hill. The toll road is owned privately by the Porlock Manor Estate and is much narrower, far prettier and largely traffic-free.”  Read more 

The climb begiuns in the coastal village of Porlock, population 1,440 (2011).

Porlock Hill Toll Road is within Hawcombe Woods National Nature Reserve:

“Hawkcombe Woods is a national nature reserve near Porlock on Exmoor, Somerset, England.  The 101 hectares (250 acres) woodlands are notable for their lichens, heath fritillary butterfly, red wood ant colonies, dead wood invertebrates and ancient pollards.  They are part of the North Exmoor Site of Special Scientific Interest.”  Wikipedia - Hawcombe Woods

PJAMM will document this climb in June, 2018.