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Box Hill (SW #14)

United Kingdom

Olympic history here.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Box Hill - road paint saying I Love Box Hill     


Simon Warren (Britain Cycling Bible, 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, p. 37) calls Box Hill “The Alpe d’Huez of the south-east [England],” so it’s no wonder that this is the most scenic of the London area climbs.  While most of the climbs around here have either no or very minimal distant views throughout the ride, Box Hill allows us about a half kilometer of beautiful open views near the top, where there is a lookout on the switchback overlooking the climb and the farmlands below. This ride is one of the most iconic climbs in Britain, due to its accessibility to London and allows for every type of cyclist.  This climb is challenging, while at the same time being manageable for most casual cyclists.  

Parking at the bottom is difficult, but if you drive to the top you can park there. At the summit there is a well equipped cafe with friendly workers.  The road quality is pristine and we met a few other cyclists the morning we rode. Box Hill is a very popular climb, although a fairly short and easy ride.

Bike Climb Box Hill - roadway with hedge
Perfect roadway!


Steepest ½ kilometer begins at km 1.7 (6%)

Bicycle climb Box Hill - roadway bordered and covered by trees 

Start of steepest ½ km.

Box Hill was included in the 2012 Olympic Road Race -- nine times up Box Hill in a race that left the greatest Olympic Cycling Team ever (Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish [charted for the gold medal],  David Millar and Ian Stannard) short of the podium.

climbing Box Hill by bike - bicycle leaning against Box Hill sign

At the finish.

This climb is in the Surrey Hill Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty:

The highest summit of the Surrey Hills AONB, Leith Hill near Coldharbour, is 294 metres (965 ft) above sea level. It is part of the Greensand Ridge, which traverses the AONB from west to east, and is the highest point in southeast England. These hills are formed mostly by chalk and greensand providing a habitat for rare plants and insects.  Wikipedia - Surrey Hills AONB 

Climbing Box Hill by bike - National Land Trust Box Hill sign 

Part of the National Trust of the UK.