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White Lane (SW #16)

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary

Cycling White Lane

Ride .6 kilometers at 13.2% average grade.

At times you can imagine being in the Forbidden Forest . . .

Consistent with most climbs in the area, this road is very narrow and bordered by trees and bushes that obstruct surrounding views.  

This was one of PJAMM Cycling’s first of Simon Warren’s 100 Greatest Great Britain climbs. What a wonderful opportunity this was -- the climbs, scenery, culture, and history of Great Britain has made this an amazing adventure!  While the climbs in Simon Warren’s Southeastern section will not challenge those we’ve experienced in the Pyrenees and French/Italian Alps, they have their own charm and are quite fun to do.

Note that parking at the start of the climb is hard to find and this road services the residents of the area and isn’t a pass or throughway, but fortunately that makes for very little traffic!

We are surrounded by trees the entire climb and there is are no signs to denote the start of finish of the climb, but this climb begins at the steapest part of Titsey Hill, a side road off the North Downs Way, and finishes on Clarks Lane.

According to RoadCyclingUK.com, “White Lane is one of the hardest challenges Surrey has to offer – which is quite a statement when you consider it’s only 500m long.”  White Lane is featured in the Bec CC Hill Climb, which has made it a very well known destination climb.  Ten percent grades begin the climb, which gets tougher as you go, compounded by the fact that the climb begins with a hill, meaning you can’t carry momentum into it.  Luckily, once you get to Clarks Lane, “you’ll be able to turn around and see down into the valley as a reward for your effort.”  A quick, challenging, and beatutiful climb, you won’t want to skip out on this one.

White Lane is in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a 422 square kilometer (163 square mile) AONB in Surrey, England, which offers some of Southeast England’s stunning and accessible countryside.  2018 marks 60 years that Surrey Hills has been designated an AONB -- visit the Surrey Hill’s website for 60 activities you can do while in the area -- including things like Leith Hill Tower, Abbot’s Hospital, and Winkworth’s Aboretum, just to name a few.  This is certainly not an area to miss!