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Terrace Hill (SW #29)

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary

Cycling Terrace Hill - #29 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, Britain, aerial drone photo of roadway at top and clouds 

 Aerial view from the start of Terrace Hill.        

The Terrace Hill climb is a bit of an outlier - the only Greatest Cycling Climbs Midlands area route in Leicestershire County, English Midlands.  Simon Warren writes of this climb:

“Major hills are rare in this part of the Midlands, so it’s not the first destination you’d head to for an epic hilly ride.  However, around the borders of Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, the Vale of Belvoir is an oasis of hill terrain lying in an ocean of flatland.  Of all the hills in this area, Terrace Hill best satisfies the criteria for a great climb - a quite road, a couple of twists and turns, varied terrain and of course an adverse gradient.”  100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, A Road Cyclists Guide to Britain’s Climbs (Simon Warren, 2010, p. 58).

 We climb out of an “ocean of flatland” on this one.

Other than a brief distance at the beginning and end of this climb,

we are the roadway is bordered by thick forest.

The climb is brief  with a modest gradient - 1 kilometer at 7.8%.  Thus, there’s not really much reason to travel for this one other than to put that mark next to Terrace Hill on your 100 GCC checklist.  ✅


“Not the most remarkable climb, in other parts of the country it may not get much mention, but in this part of the world, steep climbs are not abundant. In the interests of geographical equality, it made it into Simon Warren’s original 100 climbs book – giving it an unexpected fame for a pretty average climb. Still it goes up hill and there is a 15% section in the middle.”  More 


“It was an incredibly beautiful sunny day - it was just a shame that it was the last day of our holidays and that we were spending most of it in the car heading back to London!

Terrace Hill rates a measly 1/10 in Simon's book and he has obviously been asked WHY it is in there at all - it isn't terribly steep (although it does hit at least 13%), or terribly long. Well, I am informed that it is the first "proper" hill that Simon ever did AND he won his first race up it.

I have previously ridden Terrace Hill, although unlike Simon, I came third racing up it, not first. I therefore knew the hill and the surrounds. I had ridden it on a 100 mile ride back last year, but had stupidly forgot to reset my Garmin for it/take any photos/wear a video camera, so I had to do it again.

And I was glad to do it again. Aside from the beautiful Leicestershire countryside all around - Terrace Hill is at the end of an arrow straight road. You then ride up through woodland curving to the right and then back round to the left.

I was determined to do the entire climb using the hardest gear possible (in a masochistic way), so did it a lot slower than I hoped, but I did really enjoy it - it is a pretty climb and I enjoyed it a lot.

Even more so when I was at the top and realised that I was 99 climbs down - and only one more to go!!!”