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Bank Road (SW #31)

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary

Cycling Bank Road - 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, Britain #31 - start - road between buildings - Greatest Cycling Challenge logo   

Matlock Methodist and Reformed Church 300 meters from start

Bank Road hosted the British National Hill Climb Championships in 2016 (Matt Adam Kenway).  

The climb begins near the center of the quaint town of Derbyshire District civil parish of Matlock (pop. 9,543 2011).  The lower part of the climb shows some trendy shops leading up to the church at 300 meters.

Bike climb Bank Road - 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, Britain #31 - looking down road from start 

Looking back 50 meters from the start.

What this climb lacks in length (just 1 km) it makes up for in pitch (10.4% average).


This short but stout Derbyshire climb is among a Top 10 Matlock/Derwent Valley climb day - “Tackle the famous hill climbs in the Matlock/Derwent Valley area.” 

Bank Road is one of the steepest town climbs, used as the National hill climb venue in 2008 and part of it is used in the annual Matlock CC double hill climb. Bank Road begins in the Matlock town center near the river Derwent. The first 300 meters starts gently but then the climb steepens until the highest point at just before the end of the Bank Road. The full climb turns right on to Wellington Street.