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Avio - San Vanlentino


Rugged, steep and isolated climb near Lago di Garda in view of sheer faces and unique features of Southern Limestone Alps formations

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

This is one of several very steep climbs in the Lake Garda area of Italy (Northern Italy at the southern edge of the Italian Alps).  Although we concluded this must be a little known climb because it is over the hill from Garda in a fairly unpopulated area, there were nearly 2,000 attempts for the Strava segment as of late 2017.

The climb itself is very difficult and is ranked in the top 100-150 in the world.at 12.6 miles, 5,615’ climbed at 7.25% average grade.  There is a quarter mile section that averages 23% and a full mile at 15% - not a climb for the weak of leg!

There are roughly 26 hairpins on this climb and we see reference to it as “Little Stelvio” on the internet.

IMG_1096.JPG     IMG_1168.JPG

The rocky mountains with their rich colors and sharp features provide exceptional scenery as we climb from Avio towards and ultimately past San Valentino .

IMG_1059.JPG     IMG_1085.JPG

We pass the man-made lake Lago di Pra da Stua at mile 7 and  the tiny community of San Valentino at mile 9.3.  We pass through some short rock tunnels between San Valentino and the finish which is at Rifugio Graziani 

IMG_1216.JPG IMG_2124.JPG

                           Lago di Pra da Stua                                               Bar Trattoria Al Passo, San Valentino


Multiple short tunnels over last few miles;  Albergo Fifugio Graziana at top