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Pea Royd Lane (SW #41)

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary

Pea Royd Lane Climb Summary

Cycling Pea Royd Lane - Simon Warren #41 Greatest Cycling Challenge, Britain ,  bike leaning against street sign, Greatest Cycling Challenge logo 


Pea Royd Lane is well known to British cycling climbers.  This brief and brutal hill climb hosted the British National Hill Climb Championships in 2009 (Dan Fleeman wins) and 2014 (Dan Evans tops the podium).  The 1100 meter ascent is also home to the annual Stocksbridge CC Hill Climb (formerly Thurcroft CC Hill Climb as referred to in 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, Britain, p. 76).

Why is Pea Royd such a “popular” (deadly?) climb?  Check its profile on our climb page - it is a brute at 14.2% average grade with 3 brutal+ sections of (a) 18.1% for 60 meters beginning at 400 m), (b) 160 meters of 16.9% beginning at 600 m) and the punch in the stomach final stretch (24.4% for 100 m to the finish - last 20 meters = 27.5%)

Bike climb Pea Royd Lane - Simon Warren #41 Greatest Cycling Challenge, Britain  - road at top of climb 

Looking back at 27.5% final stretch.

The climb begins at the northern edge of Stockbridge.  The 2017 Tour de Yorkshire had a stage finish in Stockbridge (stage winner Serge Pauwels, Belgium)

Bike climb Pea Royd Lane - Simon Warren #41 Greatest Cycling Challenge, Britain  - Tour of Yorkshire sign 

Finish of the final Stage (3) of Tour de Yorkshire in Stonebridge


Steepest ½ kilometer begins at 600 meters (16.6%)

The climb begins at the northern edge of Stocksbridge (pop. 9,869, 2011):

“Stocksbridge is a small town in the civil parish of Stocksbridge, in the City of Sheffield, in South Yorkshire, England.  Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, it lies just to the east of the Peak District. The town is located in the steep-sided valley of the Little Don River, below the Underbank Reservoir. It blends into the areas of Deepcar, Bolsterstone and the eastern end of Ewden valley around Ewden village, which are also within the civil parish. The population of the civil parish as of the 2011 census was 13,455.” Wikipedia - Stocksbridge  

Top 10 things to do in Stocksbridge

“Pea Royd Lane has been the venue for the national hill climb championships in 2009 and will be the venue in 2014. It is a classic hill climb length- relatively short and steep with a few sharp corners to make it really testing.  The gradient is variable from fairly shallow at the bottom to a gradient of up to 20% near the top.”  More

“The next climb was a little outside of Sheffield, near Stocksbridge and Simon talks about the climb taking you from "industrial valley to peaceful moorland" and that it is an incredibly accurate way of putting it. You start your climb right at the bottom of this industrial valley.  

With all these massive rusty steel girders surrounding you,  you hop on the bike and hope that your legs will have the same resilience.  Before hiking yourself up the steep, steep hill. I liked this hill a lot - Simon gives it an 8/10 and it starts fairly steep, as you exit the small town.”  More