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Norwood Edge (SW #53)

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary

Pastures and forest on this climb.

Coming in at #53 of Simon Warren’s 100 Greatest British Cycling Climbs, Norwood Edge takes us through farmland and forest at the very southern tip of Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for 2 kilometers at 9% average grade.  This climb ranges between 4% in some spots to 14% over two 100 meters stretches.

Norwood Plantation/Stainburn Forest -- popular hiking at 1.2 km.

We believe #53 derives it name from the Car Park and walking/hiking area of Norwood Edge Plantation that we pass just over halfway up the climb.


Steepest ½ kilometer begins at 100 meters (12.2%).

This climb begins at the northern end of Lindley Wood Reservoir in the far south of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a 600 square kilometer protected area in the heart of the Yorkshire Countryside, known for its beauty.  Some of the unique features of Nidderdale AONB include the following:  It is designated as a “Dark Sky Discovery Site” because you don’t need any special equipment in order to be able to see outstanding views of the stars in the night sky; There are numerous attractions to explore in Nidderdale, including Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal, where you can see “the most complete remains of a Cistercian Abbey, and more than 10 historic buildings, including a beautiful Victorian church and only surviving Cistercian corn mill”; How Stean Gorge is a 20 meter deep limestone gorge, which can be explored via an aerial network of beams and cables.  Visit Nidderdale AONB’s website for more information on must-do attractions in this area.

The Norwood Edge climb starts four kilometers from Otley (pop. 13,668, 2011), North Yorkshire.  This is a market town and civil parish which is split in two portions: the side south of the river is what’s known as the historic town of Otley, and the side north of the river is known as Newall.  More information on the town of Otley can be found here, and Trip Advisor has a list of top things to do in and around Otley, including Salts Mill (an area with lovely bookshops and cafes), the Dales Way (a scenic walking path with quintessential Lake District views and old world charm), and the Otley Courthouse Arts Center (itself a historic building, which acts as host to a variety of arts fairs and other events).  We especially recommend the Lindley Wood Reservoir.  Constructed between 1869 and 1867, this area offers a nice walking route before or after the ride.