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Monte Zoncolan (Sutrio)


Monte Zoncolan via Sutrio

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Climb Summary

Cycling Monte Zoncolan from Sutrio

Ride 13.1 kilometers gaining 1165 meters at 9% average grade.

Well, there’s not much to talk about here - this is the easiest (most unhardest??)and least exceptional route to Monte Zoncolan.  While the Priola and Ovaro routes are 12.7 and 11.7% respectively (yowza!) Sutrio is much longer and a mere 8.9% . . .


East from Sutrio: This route is less demanding than the road from Ovaro but it is also one of Italy's most challenging climbs. It was featured for the first time in the 1997 Giro Donne and later in the 2003 Giro d'Italia. The actual climb to the summit starts at Sutrio and is 13.5 kilometres (8.4 mi) long at an average of 9% with an elevation gain of 1,210 metres (3,970 ft) and a maximum gradient being 23%. The first 8.7 kilometres (5.4 mi) have an average gradient of 8.7%, followed by a false flat after this section. The most demanding section is the final 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) with an average gradient of 13% and the initial part of the final kilometre at 22% grade.”

Cycling Cycling Monte Zoncolan from Sutrio - road with trees bordering it and mountains in background

          Route from Sutrio - the mildest of the climbs - by a good stretch!

Bicycle climb  Monte Zoncolan from Sutrio  - John Johnson PJAMM cycling with bike at pass sign.

PJAMM 2016 cycling adventure

The Sutrio/Priola Overlap:  

  • Priola to merge with Sutrio Route:   3.3 miles/5.3 km = 13.3% average grade

  • Sutrio to merge with Priola:  5.8 miles / 9.3 km = 7.9%
  • After merge of Sutrio/Priola routes to the summit:  2.3 miles / 3.7 km = 11.7%