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Bryn Du (SW #96)

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary


Start of Climb - Aberdar, Rhondda Cynon Tafe Province, Wales

This southern Wales climb begins in Aberdar and is extremely steep as we leave the southern edge of town to begin a pleasant 5.3 km climb just south of Brecon Beacons National Park.


Steepest segment of the climb - 500m mark @ 19%.

 The first 2.7 kilometers of this climb are at a very challenging 9% gradient.  After that, we coast to the finish at a barely discernible 1% grade.


800m of descent beginning at 3.1 km.

A tip from the challenger-seekers of George Oliver Foundation:

Bryn Du leaves from the village (town?) of Aberdare and is kind of a funny one - you are in a little place with shops and schools and suddenly you are riding up this steep slope. Of course, it being a Welsh climb, it is a 7/10 climb (just like the previous 2 I had done!) and you ride over a cattle grid...

Cattle grid riding on a road bike with skinny tyres is a bit of a leap of faith - you just point the wheels at the grid, perpendicular to the bars and cross your fingers that they won't twist! Generally I think that taking them at speed kind of makes you "skip" across them quicker - 2 problems are that going up hill, speed is rarely an option and the faster you go, the more it will hurt if you fall off!” 


Steepest kilometer begins at km 4.9 (6.6%)