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Lincoln Gap East


The highest paved road in Vermont.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Lincoln Gap East - Garmin device showing 26% grade, lush tree-lined road with dense canopy and road sign for winding road next two miles, bike propped up against tree overlooking pastureland, bike with PJAMM cycling jersey draped across it propped up on trail sign for Lincoln Gap

Cycling Lincoln Gap East

Ride 4.1 miles gaining 1,453’ at 6.7% average grade.

This is a peaceful climb on a rural gap road in Green Mountains of northeastern Vermont.  The climb begins near the small and quaint town of Warren (pop. 1,705) and is just south of Sugarbush Ski Resort.

Cycling Lincoln Gap East - photo collage, Warren Village visitor's informational sign, bike propped against wooden wall of covered bridge with red building in background amidst greenery, small white gazebo with patriotic decoration, front of wooden covered bridge with American flag hanging from it, white two story building with The Warren Store sign, bike propped against deck of The Warren Store

Warren, VT is a quarter mile north of the climb start.

Cycling Lincoln Gap East - light yellow colonial era two story building with "Town of Warren, Vermont 1789" circular placard, bike leaning against front porch of building

Public parking at the Warren Municipal Building.

While this climb has peaceful and lush green surroundings, the last mile is brutally steep (¼ mile at 18% average grade and a full mile at 15.5%).  There is a flat/descent segment to the climb for 1.6 miles beginning at mile one that averages 1%, and the remainder of the climb (first and last segments) average 10%.

Cycling Lincoln Gap East - photo collage, old wooden covered bridge crossing small river, Covered Bridge Road sign in foreground with bike leaning against it, draped with PJAMM cycling jersey, multiple road signs along road surrounded with dense forestation

Top photo:  Covered bridge on the ride from Warren to the start of our climb.

Cycling Lincoln Gap East - photo collage, red wooden building with four white-trimmed windows, bike leaning against building, Danger Sharp Curves yellow road sign along greenery on roadway, bike parked in dense, tall grass with pink flowers

Section of the climb before the 15.5% final mile.

About a mile of the road is gravel, but easily manageable on a road bike.

Cycling Lincoln Gap East - dense tree canopy along two lane road, bike propped against road sign noting winding road for next two miles

The calm before the 15.5% storm. 😓

Cycling Lincoln Gap East - photo collage, bike propped against Lincoln Gap trail sign, dense tree canopy along two lane road, curve in road with steep grade road sign, yellow flowers in grass along road, bike laying down across double yellow line along a straightaway in the roadway

Lincoln Gap is the highest paved road in Vermont.

Photos are of the area within 100 yards of and at the gap.