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Hourquette d'Ancizan (Ancizan)


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Hourquette d'Ancizan (Ancizan)

Page Contributor(s): Erwan Treguier, Brittany, France.

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Climb Summary


Cycling Hourquette d’Ancizan from Ancizan

Ride 10.4 kilometers gaining 845 meters at 7.7% average grade.

Thanks much to PJAMM contributor Erwan Treguier for the photographs of this climb - a bit foggy, but PJAMM will return to this amazing cycling (Argeles Gazost-Luz Saint Sauveur) area soon.

Begin from south in Ancizan (pop. 274)

As with its neighbor Tourmalet, this is grazing country first, biking second . . .

The pass.

Near the pass.

Photo from: Francebleu.fr

Tour de France History:  This climb has been included in the Tour de France as Stage 12 of the 2011, Stage 9 of the 2013, and will be included in Stage 12 of the 2019 TdF.