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Col du Télégraphe


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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

We have documented the Col du Telegraphe PLUS route (Telegraphe + Galibier), but the true Col du Telegraphe climb is 11.7 km beginning in Saint-Martin-de-Maurienne




KM markers along the way as we rise quickly along this climb.



The BIG climb (Telegraphe + Galibier South) elevates Telegraphe to one of the most challenging climb segments in France and in the Top 150 World Climbs at 33.4 km (20.7 mi), 2,115 m (6,648’) ascent at 5.7% average grade (6.7% if the  180 m/596’’ descent between Telegraphe’s Col down to the Valloire and the start of Galibier south).  The descent from Col du Telegraphe to Valloire is 596 m (2,716’) in 4.1 km (2.5 mi).

Steepest kilometer on Col du Télégraphe-Col du Galibier South begins at km 29.3 (10.3%)

Tour de France

The Tour has made Col du Telegraphe a famous climb in France and the world.  20 times riders of the TdF have ridden up or down this climb between 1947 and 2017.