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Page Contributor(s): Heiko Linnert, Amberg, Germany

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Climb Summary

Cycling Lagunillas, Chile

Ride 18 kilometers gaining 1,280 meters at 7.1% average grade.

PJAMM’s new slogan - better yet:  “Climb or Die”!

Climb summary by Heiko Linnert, Amberg, Germany.

I did this climb on January 23, 2019 with Anja and Wim.  We had discovered this road the previous day while on our way to climb Lo Valdes to the south.  We were intrigued by this road so we returned the day after we climbed Lo Valdes to further explore this section of Chile near its eastern border with Argentina.  

As with Lo Valdes, we began this bike climb in San Jose del Maipo (population approximately 13,000)  which is a beautiful city near Chile’s eastern border with Argentina.  Central Park in San Jose del Maipo is an ideal starting point for this bike climb.  However, unlike Lo Valdes where we must ride many kilometers to the start of the official segment, this bike climb begins right in town - it is SO convenient!

San Jose del Maipo


This was a lonely but well maintained road that ends at a small ski area which we enjoyed very much.  The many hairpins, altitude and grade of this climb reminded us a bit of Alpe d’Huez, but on a much smaller scale - unlike the well developed ski area at the finish of Alpe d’Huez, Lagunillas’s finish was at the lonely Regugio Club Andino de Lagunillas.

Lagunillas bike climb - the Alpe d’Huez of Chile?


Alpe d’Huez.

Refugio Club Andino d Lagunillas



 Based upon our photo of the pavement above (“Ride or Die”) and the Strava segment showing 1,458 participants (and 17 segments) as of August, 2019, we conclude that this is a popular cycling climb in this area - we surely enjoyed it!

Excellent road surface.

Not many trees on the climb - we are exposed to the sun during the climb.