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Lo Valdes


Ride to Lo Valdes mining town southeast of Santiago.

Page Contributor(s): Heiko Linnert, Amberg, Germany

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Climb Summary

Cycling Lo Valdes, Chile

Ride 31.5 kilometers gaining 872 meters at 2.3% average grade.

Climb summary by Heiko Linnert, Amberg, Germany.

I climbed this route on January 22, 2019 with Wim and Anja at the recommendation of my BIGcycling.com friends Ard Oostra and Luigi Spina.

The start of this climb is only 90 minutes by car from Santiago.  There are also other cycling climbs in the Maipo Valley just north of the start of our climb if you travel south from Santiago to the beginning of the Lo Valdes bike climb.

We began our bike climb in San Jose del Maipo (population approximately 13,000)  which is a beautiful city near Chile’s eastern border with Argentina.  Central Park in San Jose del Maipo is an ideal starting point for this bike climb.  

San Jose del Maipo

On our way  Lo Valdes we discovered further possible ascents like Lagunillas, Embalse el Yeso and Las Melosas.

The approach to the climb is through a long beautiful valley, often with rollers that open to new and wonderful views.

Along our route there are many warning signs with behavioral instructions on how to behave in a volcanic Eruption.

View of Cerro Arenas within the Cerro Arenas Mountains of the Andes.

Peak 4,450 meters/14,600’’.

We completed our climb at the end of the paved road.  There were many trucks operating on the road due to mining activity in the area.  Refugio Lo Valdes is also near the end of the climb.

The dirt road continues to the Termas Valle de Colina hot springs at about 2500m.  The ride to the hot springs is much steeper and you would definitely need a MTB to complete that climb, although the Google car did make the trip as can be seen by Street Views accessed on Google Maps.  

Now that’s a routine that works for us!