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Pha Din Pass


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Page Contributor(s): Patrick Morris, San Francisco, CA, USA - and; Sinh, Vietnam

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Climb Summary


Cycling Pha Din Pass

Ride 11.7 kilometers gaining 750 meters at 6.4% average grade.

Along with Ma Pi Leng, Hoang Lien Son and Khau Pha, Pha Din Pass is one of the 4 most famous mountain passes in Northern Vietnam.

Some facts from PJAMM contributor Patrick Morris of Velo Asia and Indochina Travel.  And thanks to vietanamese cycling guide Sinhbalo ( for providing photographs.

Some shots of the Pha Din, a bit out of the way, and not on our popular trips route so we get there seldom. I had not realized they “shortened” the pass, but the Strava I sent should reflect the current pass. The Pha Din is a pass you would climb doing a counterclockwise northwest loop of Vietnam, round-trip from Hanoi, which would include Sapa, then south to Dien Bien Phu, overnighting there before taking on the Pha Din on the way to Son La (see map – Pha Din is the black dot).

 This is a second trip tour of Vietnam, as typically one should do the classic tour south along the coast on their first trip to the country.