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Ma Pi Leng Pass


The most extraordinary mountain pass in Vietnam.

Page Contributor(s): Patrick Morris, San Francisco, CA, USA - and; Vietnames cycling tour guide Sinh Balo (

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Climb Summary

Cycling Ma Pi Leng Pass, Hà Giang Province, Vietnam

Cycle 7 kilometers gaining 275 meters to elevation 1,225 meters at 2.5% average grade.

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Vietnames cycling tour guide Sinh Balo ( ) says of this climb “Ma Pi Leng Pass is my favorite mountain pass in Vietnam and i love to ride it each year.  

Along with Hoang Lien Son, Pha Din and Khau Pha, Ma Pi Leng Pass is one of the 4 most famous mountain passes in Northern Vietnam. says of this cycling segment “It’s said to be the most astonishing mountain road in all of Vietnam.”

The climb to the pass has many hairpins and sheer cliffs as well as extraordinary views and scenery.

The pass is named after Mả Pí Lèng ban,

Yi girl wearing her traditional clothing

The Yi or Nuosuo people (traditionally known as Lolo) are an ethnic group of mountainous, in Vietman only found in the Lũng Cú commune of the Dong  Van District which surrounds this climb.