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Sonora Pass West


At times extremely steep and very scenic climb into the Stanislaus National Forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Sonora Pass West - steep grade sign and roadway surrounded by forest

Cycling Sonora Pass - one of our favorite Sierra Nevada bike climbs.

Ride 9.1 miles gaining 3,426’ to elevation 9,655 at 7% average grade.

California Top 10 Most Scenic Bike Climb

This is a short but stout climb in a fairly remote area of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.   While we think the sign at the beginning of the climb is an exaggeration (26% grade), this  climb will test you in a few spots, including 10%+ grades at the very beginning for 1/2 mile.  Miles .5-3.0 average 10.0%, and there is a 3/4 mile stretch from 6.0-6.75 that averages 12.3%.  As can be seen from the YouTube Playlist , the views along this climb of high sierra  forest and granite rock faces are spectacular.   The climb can be done as an out-and-back 2 climber by going down the east side of Highway 108, then back up Sonora Pass East.

Climbing Sonora Pass West by bike - roadway and pass sign

“The oldest trans-Sierra emigrant trail to California crossed over the spectacular Sonra Pass.”

Hwy 108 over Sonora Pass closely follow the old Sonora & Mono Toll Road.


 Climbing by bike Sonora Pass West - highway and little pass between rock formations

.6 miles from the start - steepest ¼ mile (15.4%)

Cyclist riding through steep segment.

Viewpoint at mile 1.1 - overlooking Kennedy Meadows.

4.5 mile mark - just after the only descent (.6 miles -1.5%)

Mile 4.7


Many scenes with interesting rock formations on this climb.

Mile 6.5 - 2.6 miles & 690’ to go at 5.1%.

                        Biking Sonora Pass West - Pacific Coast Trail sign 

The  Pacific Coast Trail crosses the summit of Sonora Pass East/West.


  Cycling Sonora Pass West - Pass sign at top of climb

Traffic and Roadway report:  The roadway surface is excellent throughout this ride and  although there is minimal shoulder, traffic is light and this seems to be a safe ride.

We stayed in Sonora in preparation for our climbs from the east and west to the Sonora Pass and stayed at the Gunn House which was a modest but decent place to stay.  

Cycling Sonora Pass West - Pass sign at top of climb

That’s a wrap!!