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Monte Grappa - Crespano


All gravel - not for a road bike. Beast of a climb - #11 (bonus) route to Cima Grappa.

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Climb Summary


Walkway on Sacrario Militare del Monte Grappa

Looking towards observation tower from la Madonna del Grappa.

Visit our Monte Grappa Home Page.

Mama Mia, that is some monster climb!!!!    This is the least traveled of the 11 Brevetto del Grappa routes up Monte Grappa, and for darn good reason!  First, this brute is not paved.  Second, this is not just a gravel and dirt road, there are some rocks and stair-step sections to get up and over on the trail.  Finally, it is very Steeeeeeeeeeppppppp at 11.5% average grade for the first 5 miles / 8 km.  You must use a mountain bike or gravel bike with wide tires for this climb.

Climbing Monte Grappa from Crespano - gravel hairpin

However, we are very glad we accepted the challenge of the “bonus climb” of the Bretto del Grappa (#11 on the list).  The location of the start is at Santuario Del Covolo and we are soon on a very rugged rock and dirt road that takes us 5 miles to Rifugio Ardosetta (on SP 141 from Fietta, Possagno, Cavaso del Tomba, Pederobba and Alano).  We cross SP 141 and travel on dirt and gravel 1 mile / 1.6 km to our intersection with SP 140 from Semonzo, turn right onto SP 140 and ride on pavement the remaining mile / 1.6 km to Cima Grappa.

There is a higher concentration of switchbacks on Crespano than any other Monte Grappa Climb - 25 in the first 2 miles / 3.2 km and 36 in the first 5 miles / 8 km.

Bike climb of Monte Grappa from Crespano  - Santuario del Covolo, cross, mountain in background

Santuario Del Covolo

    Bicycle climb of Monte Grappa from Crespano - start of gravel - gate, bike                  

The gravel begins soon after the start     

Bicycling Monte Grappa from Crespano View to Crespano from road

Views to the south towards Crespano del Grappa  

   Bicycle ride Monte Grappa from Crespano - hiking trail sign

 Many hiking trails intersect our route                          


Climbing Monte Grappa from Crespano by bike - roadway cut into mountain

That’s where we trying to get!

Roadway cut into mountain upper left.

 Climbing Monte Grappa from Crespano by bike - start of pavement

On pavement at mile 5 / km 8 (Rifugio Ardosetta)  


Bike climb of Monte Grappa from Crespano - paved road and gravel, light post

Back to the gravel/dirt for a mile/1.6 km  

     Bike climb of Monte Grappa from Crespano - gravel roadway and city below

Our 1 mile/1.6 km second gravel/dirt section                  

All 11 routes up Monte Grappa ultimately connect.  At mile 5/km 8 we cross SP 141 (western routes of  Fieta, Possagno, Cavaso del Tomba, Pederobba and Alano); after crossing SP 141 and travelling another mile/1.6 km on dirt, we merge onto SP 140 at mile 6/km 9.6 and finally onto SP 148 at .4 miles .6 km from the Cima Grappa.

11 Monte Grappa routes end at the Rifugio Bassano a Cima Grappa which is a cafe with many outside chairs and tables and is frequented by many cyclists each day - this is a very popular Italian cycling destination.  The Rifugio is just below the Sacrario del Monte Grappa which is a monumental burial site for approximately 20,000 of the Italian and Austrian soldiers who died in battle on the hillsides of Monte Grappa during World War I.  


Monument to the partisans and to the resistance - WW I

Sacrario del Monte Grappa - drone aerial photo of ostuary

Monte Grappa Sacrario di Cima Grappa

Sacrario del Monte Grappa - drone aerial photo of ostuary

Museum below Sacrario di Cima Grappa

  Crespano was Brevetto del Grappa climb #11 in 6 days for us - all Journey Book stamps secured


Rifugio at the top of the climb.

Monte Grappa from Crespano - bike climb - pastries and cappuccino at rifugio

Our completed Brevetto Monte Grappa card                       


Photos clockwise from top right:  8-27-16 Romano d’Ezzelino + Caupo;

8-28-16 Seren + Cismon; 8-29-16 Semonzo + Possagno

Photos clockwise from top right:  8-30-16 Alano + Fieta;

8-31-16 Pederobba + Cavaso del Tomba; 9-1-16 Crespano