Monte Grappa, Italy - Top Bike Climbs

Monte Grappa - Semonzo
Monte Grappa - Crespano
Monte Grappa - Possagno
Monte Grappa - Fietta
Monte Grappa - Romano d'Ezzelino
Monte Grappa - Cavaso del Tomba
Monte Grappa - Pederobba
Monte Grappa - Alano
Monte Grappa - Cismon
Monte Grappa - Seren del Grappa

Climb List: Monte Grappa, Italy
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Italy: The Dolomites
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We believe Monte Grappa has the highest concentration of HC climbs than any other area in the world.  The 11 Monte Grappa HC climbs within a 17.5 mile radius are unparalleled.  We spent 6 days on Monte Grappa climbing all 11 ascents in the Brevetto del Grappa Journey Book (completing the climbs in more days would have been preferred, but our tight schedule permitted us nothing more).

Originally, we had planned to climb only Semonzo which is a Top 20 ranked Italian climb.  However, while researching Semonzo, we stumbled across the Brevetto del Grappa which is a challenge to all who will accept it to climb the 11 routes up Monte Grappa in a year.  The company Energiapura Race Suits sponsors this fun and difficult challenge and makes available in Romano d'Ezzelino a Journey Book which has a page for each climb and a location for 2 stamps (one for the start of the climb and the other for the Cima Grappa - top of the climb).  The objective is to have your book stamped at each of the 11 stamp locations (usually a tavern or ristorante) at the beginning of each climb and then at the top after completing the climb.  All routes up Monte Grappa end at Casa Armata del Grappa E Rifugio Bassano (otherwise known as Rifugio Bassano or Rifugio Bassano a Cima Grappa).  The Rifugio Bassano is located just below the Sacrario del Monte Grappa where 22,190 Italian and Austrian soldiers who died on Monte Grappa in WW I are interred.


Rifugio as seen from Sacrario del Monte Grappa

If you are interested in participating in the awesome Brevetto Del Monte Grappa:

1.        Here is the 2018 Brevetto Del Monte Grappa  Information Page 

2.        Here is the Brevetto Monte Grappa 2019 booklet 

If you intend to complete all 11 climbs in 2018, please do let us follow and track you progress.  For those interested in a webpage to track your Brevetto progress (no charge) please email 

Our Monte Grappa experience:  We stayed in Bassano del Grappa which is the largest city around the base of Monte Grappa at Hotel Alla Corte.  Hotel Alla Corte is reasonably priced, well maintained, has a great pizza ristorante and staff that speaks english and was exceptionally helpful and willing to help us plan our Monte Grappa climbs, including calling the stamping locations to determine when they were open and available to stamp.

PJAMM’s Itinerary - 6 days to ascend the 11 climbs of the mighty Monte Grappa:





Strava Link

Climb  Link


August 27, 2016

Romano / Caupo

69 miles / 111km

10,725’ / 3,270m

Strava Link




August 28

Cismon / Seren

67 miles / 108 km

11,490’ / 3,502m

Strava Link




August 29

Possagno / Semonzo

44 miles / 71 km

10,650 / 3,246

Strava Link




August 30

Fietta / Alano

62 miles / 100 km

12,070’ / 3,679m

Strava Link




August 31

Cavaso / Pedrobba

60 miles / 97 km

12,020’ / 3,664m

Strava Link




September 1


5.4 miles / 8.7km

3,650’ / 1,113m

Strava Link



307m / 494 km

60,605’/ 18,474m

After spending countless hours plotting and riding the Monte Grappa 11, we believe there are generally 3 zones in which 3 to 5 of the climbs are situated within:

1.        Southern Zone:  This zone includes Romano D’ezzelino, Crespano del Grappa and Semonzo.  These are the 3 most southern of the climbs and begin around the southwestern base of Monte Grappa.

2.        Eastern Zone:  This zone includes Fietta, Possagno, Cavaso del Tomba Pederobba and Alano.  These are the climbs along the southeastern side of the mountain which Alano being a bit of an outlier and the furthest north of the group of 5.

3 caves to ride through on from the east.

3.        Northern zone:  This zone includes Cismon, Caupo and Seren with Caupo and Seren being the farthest north of the Monte Grappa climbs, situated at the northern base of Monte Grappa while Cismon begins at the western base.

Many Brevetto posters in Rifugio at the finish.

Monte Grappa - History

Monte Grappa is where the Italian army made it’s last stand during World War I and was able to prevent Austrian forces from moving to, conquering and then controlling the Venetian plains.  The summit of Monte Grappa became a critical stragic and defensive location of the Italian Army.  Several times during the war, the Austrian army attempted to wrest control of Monte Grappa from the Italian army, but were never successful.  

The battles for control of Monte Grappa cost many Italian and Austrian soldiers their lives.  


Troop Strength



11-11 to 12-23-17

Austria:  120,000

Italy:  51,000

Austria:  21,000

Italy:  12,000

Austria:  Archduke Eugen

Italy: Armando Diaz

Summer 2018



Austria:  Arz von Straubenburg

Italy:  Armando Diaz

10-24 to 10-28-18

Austria:  43,000

Italy:  134,000

Austria:  34,000

Italy:  17,000

Austria:  Arz von Straubenburg

Italy:  Armando Diaz

Source of table information:  Wikipedia Battle of Monte Grappa


The bodies of 22,190 Italian and Austrian soldiers are interred in the Sacrario del Monte Grappa.  

Giro d’Italia History

The Giro has visited Monte Grappa 5 times since 1968.  We have attempted to identify each year, stage and winner that involved Monte Grappa, but are not certain about the 1982 race and would appreciate input from anyone with knowledge of the Monte Grappa route that year - PJAMM Giro Spreadsheet.

Biciveneto - Climbing Monte Grappa:

THE GIRO D'ITALIA:  The Giro has visited Monte Grappa five times. In 2014, the Bassano del Grappa-Cima Grappa time trial finished just below the summit. On three other occasions, the race went over the mountain but did not go all the way to the top (a dead end road). The last of these was in 2010 in the Ferrara-Asolo stage won by Vincenzo Nibali. In 1982 it was in the Comacchio-San Martino di Castrozza stage won by Vincente Belda of Spain. It was on the parcours of the Misurina-Bassano del Grappa stage in 1974, won by Eddy Merckx over Moser and Gimondi. (I purchased a videotape of that Giro, The Greatest Show on Earth, hoping to see some of the action on Monte Grappa, but alas, there was none). The only other time it it finished on the summit was in the Trento-Monte Grappa stage in 1968, won by Emilio Casalini, a gregario (domestique) of Merckx. It is hoped that the Giro will return as part of a stage commemorating World War I.”





Stage Winner



10 (Romano d’Ezzilino)

Emilio Casalini



21 (Caupo)

Eddy Merckx



16 (Cavaso del Tomba)

Vincente Belda



14 (Semonzo)

Ivan Basso



19 (ITT/Semonzo)

Nairo Quintana



20 (Caupo)

Thibaut Pinot 



Note:  The Climbs of Monte Grappa listed below are in the sequence the appear in the Monte Grapp Annual Participants Handbook. An excellent summary entitled Climbing Monte Grappa is found on the Monte Grappa page of Bici Veneto (cycling the Veneto Region) website.

Brevetto del Grappa:  As of 2018

“Brevetto del Grappa is a program that awards brevets (certificates) to riders who scale 10 (gold level), 6 (silver level), or 3 (bronze level) of the routes, over the course of the season. To participate, you pay 10 euro and receive a pamphlet which must be dated and stamped in the spaces corresponding to the routes, both at the specified locations at the beginning of the ascents, and at Rifugio Bassano on the summit. Here is the 2016 brochure.” 

  •  Brevetto Del Grappa (license logbook) purchased from the Non-Profit Center in Romano d’Ezzelino.
  • Stamping: ROMANO D'EZZELINO (VI) Osteria Pedrocchi - Piazza Cadorna, 16 Tel. 0424.36493 MONDAY CLOSED
  • "Cadorna" road of climbs to Monte Grappa, is perhaps the easiest. To be selected as a first ascent then if we have to face the other. Path chosen by the Tour of Italy, is also famous for Bassano - Monte Grappa amateurs, in which it imposed samples as Gino Bartali, Ivan Gotti, Gilberto Simoni, Damiano Cunego …”  (Participant’s Handbook).  

We designed a Monte Grappa 11 Climbs Jersey and filled in the circle

 at the completion of each climb - Climbed Romano d’Ezzelino 8-27-16



Romano d’Ezzelino 8-27-16

  • Stamping: SEMONZO DEL GRAPPA (TV) Locanda Tilly's - Via Casale, 87Tel. 0423.561418 MONDAY CLOSED
  • “Road "Garden" Road initially very scenic, with spectacular balconies on the plain below. And 'it is demanding from the attack to the summit, but quiet and peaceful. Favorite way to workout with cyclists of all categories, amateur competitions and professional.”  (Participant’s Handbook).  




  • FIETTA DEL GRAPPA (TV) Osteria da Miky - Via Sant'Andrea, 4Tel. 348.5857374 MONDAY CLOSED
  • “Strada "Leaping Goat" The road rears just left behind San Liberal and it comes toughest stretch the "Goat jump" bogeyman of all cyclists: first the "Pian goddess Bala", on what is called "the look-road" the "Mortirolo of Veneto" with its 600 mt thrilling .. Rounding out the rest.  (Participant’s Handbook).



  • Stamping: POSSAGNO (TV) Osteria Caffetteria da Icò - Via Molinetto, 30Tel. 333.9089956 MONDAY CLOSED
  • The "Road to other labors with even hard features for cyclists more preparati.In locations Archeson, after a first smooth section, the" road of the Alpini "offers challenging slopes alternating with stretches more ridable. 5th km a beautiful stretch of the climb and after a bit 'of breath, the other pulled towards the Monte Tomba. Over? Maybe..”   (Participant’s Handbook).  




  • Stamping: CAVASO DEL TOMBA (TV) Pizzeria Tennis Basso - Via San Pio X, 241Tel. 0423.562228 MONDAY CLOSED
  • “The road of Mount Tomba Very hard the "Tomb of the road" that although joints in the typical piedmont forest, pass under Monte Palon and literally climbs towards Archeson, Bocaor and Cima Grappa. Once you emerge on Val meadows of Mure, you will appreciate the view of the Venetian plain before the last assault to Cima Grappa.”    (Participant’s Handbook). .    




  • Stamping: PEDEROBBA (TV) Bar from Kikko - Via Roma, 100Tel. 340.3845404 TUESDAY POM. CLOSED
  • “trada della MonfeneraImmersa quasi costantemente nel verde dei boschi di faggio, prima, e poi di pino, la “strada della Monfenera” sembra la classica strada da gita domenicale, ma anche qui non si scherza, nonostante il bosco la renda più pedalabile. Il tratto più duro è quello che porta da quota 800 a 1.300 mt di altitudine.”  (Participant’s Handbook).  




  • Stamping: ALANO DI PIAVE (BL) Caffè Speranza - Piazza Martiri, 7Tel. 328.2152835
  • “Road "del Grappa" variant to climb to Monte Tomba from the north side, the "Grappa of the road" starts from Alano di Piave and reaches Cima Grappa from the Valley of the Mure. Initially pedaled, joins in the final climb to the 3, 4, 5 and 6 where siincontrano the most difficult stretches. Little traffic, out of season potrestetrovarvi to follow it solo.”  (Participant’s Handbook).    




  • Stamping: SEREN DEL GRAPPA (BL) Bar Vitocco - Piazza T. Vecellio, 14Tel. 0439.44039 WEDNESDAY CLOSED
  • “Road Church "New San-Luigi" Ascent by prohibitive slopes with very narrow track. From "Pian della Chiesa", the road climbs moderately up to a height of 600 meters, from where it harder to tear: 2 Km with average slopes of 15% to arrive at 20%. In short, a few sections where breath.”  (Participant’s Handbook).  




  • Stamping: CAUPO DI SEREN (BL) Bavarian Cafè - Piazza Umberto II °, 9Tel. 0439.44368 Cel. 327.7337644 MONDAY CLOSED
  • “sparse "Cadorna" challenging climb, but also quiet and beaten several times by the Tour of Italy. For its length and height difference (1,542 mt.) Seems an endless climb. After an initial section with very challenging hairpin and a smooth slope, the path through the woods looking towards Fonzaso. Following another difficult stretch which alternates very hard to tear falsopiani. By Forcelletto, it goes around Monte Pertica until Scarpon refuge, to rejoin the "Cadorna" that portafinalmente to Bassano refuge.”   (Participant’s Handbook).



  • Stamping: CISMON DEL GRAPPA (VI) Brewery Bruschetteria Nazionale 67.5 -Via Vittorio Veneto, 8-MONDAY CLOSED. 0424.92264 Cel. 348.6026595USO
  • “Street "Col dei Prai" Party in the north of the country, away from St. Laurent and is a silvopastoral road prohibited the transit of motorized vehicles. And 'all paved, if an exception is made for two lengths of 200 and 600 meters. easy dirt road. According to the "climbers del Grappa" the first section slopes are challenging. Then the road winds through the hills, meadows and woods, the silence more assoluto.Sfocia Cadorna on the road, coming from Caupo, primadel Forcelletto. Also good for mountain biking.”  (Participant’s Handbook).  





  • Timbratura: CRESPANO DEL GRAPPA (TV)Ristorante al Covolo - Via Madonna del Covolo, 149Tel. 0423.53207 MARTEDÌ CHIUSO
  • “Dirt road "of Covolo" Mulattiera steep from compact enough gravel bed, which winds its way in almost 40 hairpin bends that lead up to Malga Ardosetta and then until the asphalt road to Valle delle Mure Cima Grappa.Con clear day you have the chance to see the Venezia.Non lagoon is not uncommon to see chamois and deer in this valley they are numerous ..“   (Participant’s Handbook).





Left - Brevetto stamps climbs 1-7 / Right- Brevetto stamps climbs 8-11


Italian Outdoors - Good summary of 10 climbs

Participants Rule Book 2016

Rule Book PDF

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