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Monte Grappa Semonzo


One of the 11 routes up the most concentrated set of HC climbs in the world.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Monte Grappa from Semonzo - drone aerial photo of Sacrario del Monte Grappa - summit with clouds, Sacrario Militare del Monte Grappa and ossuary  

Sacrario del Monte Grappa.

For more information on other rides in this area, visit our Monte Grappa homepage.

Cycling Monte Grappa from Semonzo - aerial drone photo of hairpins and forest

Tornante (hairpins) of Semonzo.  

There are twelve torante at the beginning of Monte Grappa Semonzo cycling climb.

Cycling Monte Grappa from Semonzo - bike leaning against hairpin (tornante) 28 sign

There are 28 tornante on the bike climb up from Semonzo.

This is rated the most difficult cycling ascent on Monte Grappa, but, truth be told, there is only one route of the eleven that is not extremely difficult[1].  After leaving Semonzo shortly into the climb, we encounter a set of twelve switchbacks over 2.9 miles / 4.6 kilometers while ascending under the cover of a thick canopy of trees.

Bicycle ride Monte Grappa from Semonzo, Monte Grappa road sign, start of climb

Monte Grappa Semonzo bike climb begins at the northern edge of Semonzo.

Bicycling  Monte Grappa from Semonzo road surrounded by trees, steep road sign

Heavy tree canopy covering road on lower portion of climb.


“The road was Built in 1918 for General Giardino, Commander of the Grappa Army Group and was originally 5.50 meters wide and was used as an alternative for moving troops and supplies quickly to the front. The strada Giardino was built because the Cadorna road was exposed to enemy fire at some points"  (Italian Outdoors).  ​

Climbng  Monte Grappa from Semonzo by bike - road and WW I tunnel

There are many tunnels and military historical landmarks along this and many of the Monte Grappa routes.

How to Cycle Monte Grappa from Semonzo:  At 11.4 miles / 18.4 km, gaining 1,514 m at an 8.1% average grade, this is the most difficult route up to Cima Grappa by bike.  The ride starts at the northern edge of Semonzo (Latitude: 45.81322 Longitude: 11.77043), where you should be prepared for a steep climb from the beginning.  We stayed at Hotel Alla Corte in Bassano Del Grappa in 2016 and 2018 and highly recommend both the hotel and town.  Bassano Del Grappa is the largest town along the base of Monte Grappa and is very close to the start of the traditional Romano d’Ezzelino route to Cima Grappa. Hotel Alla Corte is an excellent hotel with a great restaurant.

An awesome summary of the Semonzo route to Monte Grappa can be found at Italian - Semonzo Route.

At precisely mile 10 / kilometer 16, the Semonzo route is joined from the right by the theretofore merged routes from Fieta, Possagno, Cavaso del Tomba, Pederobba, and Alano.  These six routes share the same final 1.8 miles / 2.9 kilometers to the Cima Grappa (the Top).  

Giro History



Stage Winner



10 (Romano d’Ezzilino)

Emilio Casalini



21 (Caupo)

Eddy Merckx



16 (Cavaso del Tomba)

Vincente Belda



14 (Semonzo)

Ivan Basso



19 (ITT/Semonzo)

Rojas Quintana



20 (Caupo)

Thibaut Pinot 


Semonzo appears to be the Giro’s choice of Monte Grappa ascents.

(We have been unable to identify the Giro routes up Monte Grappa in 1968, 1974 and 1982.

1974 Race Summary from

“The close standings made it likely that the twenty-first stage with its four climbs would be a rough day in the Dolomites. Fuente promised to make it so; it was his last chance to take the lead. It was on the final climb of the day, the 24-kilometer long ascent of Monte Grappa that the Giro was decided.

Fuente was desperate to get away and did three hard accelerations before he was able to drop Merckx’s gregari Jos Huysmans and Jos De Schoenmaecker. Merckx bided his time, letting Baronchelli and Gimondi mount the chase. And still he waited. Finally Merckx went to the front of the chasing group and dragged them at a punishing pace to the top. When Merckx had started the chase Fuente had a lead of 2 minutes 40 seconds and at the summit it was down to just 35 seconds. With the long descent into Bassano del Grappa, Fuente’s goose was cooked. Merckx won the stage and seemed to seal his Giro victory.”  

Climbing  Monte Grappa from Semonzo by bike  - road, bike leaning against memorial; italian flag

All climbs up Monte Grappa lead to the same location --

the WWI Memorial and the Casa Armata Del Grappa E Rifugio Bassano.

Bicycle ride  Monte Grappa from Semonzo - WW I museum and parking lot

Museum at the top.

Bicycle ride  Monte Grappa from Semonzo - WW I museum and parking lot 

Sacrario militare del monte Grappa.

cycling  Monte Grappa from Semonzo - refugio, bikes, tables and sign

cycling  Monte Grappa from Semonzo - refugio, bikes, tables and sign


Photos clockwise from top right:  8-27-16 Romano d’Ezzelino + Caupo;

8-28-16 Seren + Cismon; 8-29-16 Semonzo + Possagno.

Photos clockwise from top right:  8-30-16 Alano + Fieta;

8-31-16 Pederobba + Cavaso del Tomba; 9-1-16 Crespano.

[1] Romano d’Ezzelino is the most popular and “easiest” of the routes, at 16.2 miles/26 km and 6.4% average grade.