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One of the highest paved road in Europe - amazing climb!

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary


This is an amazing climb that has many features to it - it is not just another pretty face!

First, the Rettenbachferner is a Top 50 World Climb and simply a brute!  At just over 8 miles it averages 10.7% average grade and has a mile 2.5 mile stretch averaging just over 12%!  So, it really tests us from start to finish and is well worth the trip to Solden just for the challenge of the climb itself.

Any time you have to pay a toll on a narrow remote road, you have a sense you will likely get your money’s worth.



   Car 18 EU, Motorcycle 5.5, bus 5.5, cyclists 00.00  Smiley Face Images - Public Domain Pictures - Page 1   

Another good indicator that you are onto something good for an excellent climb is if the climb starts below either a World Cup Ski Jump (e.g., Nebelhorn) or Rettenbachferner:

“MYTHIC WORLD CUP OPENING SÖLDEN Since the 2000/2001 season, the yearly held men’s and women’s Alpine Ski World Opening has been taking place on Sölden’s Rettenbach Glacier. This ultimate World Cup season kick-off attracts thousands of visitors and sports fans to the valley.” - Your Skiing Glacier


View from road just above World Cup finish and ½ mile from top of climb

Steepest Gradients by Distance

This climb is fairly well known in Europe, having been included multiple times in both the Deutschland Tour and the Tour de Suisse.

And, if the challenge of the climb and unique opportunity to ride to a World Cup finish isn’t enough to prompt a go at this exceptional climb, it happens to be one of the highest road in all of Europe![1]  It’s a bucket list climb in our opinion.  

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[1] Pico de Veleta in Spain is unquestionably higher than Rettenbachferer which is second by a good margin.