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Mohawk Trail East


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Climb Summary

Cycling Mohawk Trail East, Massachusetts  - freeway sign reads "Steep Hill - Curves Next Mile Use Caution"

Cycling Mohawk Trail East, Massachusetts

Ride 6.2 miles gaining 1,355’ at 4.1% average grade.

Cycling Mohawk Trail East, Massachusetts  - bike parked against guardrail on road side next to sign for 2 West and Massachusetts Scenic Byway, Mohawk Trail

The final 0.4 miles of the climb overlap the Whitcomb Road climb.

“The east side approach up Mohawk Trail is an interesting ascent with a bit of traffic at times.  You find shallow grade as you climb alongside a creek within the drainage to begin.  Several miles in, the slope ramps up and the route gets more twisty.  Soon the grade eases again and you break out of the drainage.  A bit further up the hill you will find a descent but climbing soon resumes over moderate grade which takes you up to the obvious summit.” (This quote is provided with the approval of John Summerson from his book, The Complete Guide to Climbing (by Bike) in the Northeast, pg. 74.)

Cycling Mohawk Trail East, Massachusetts  - large bronze stag monument and informational sign

Cycling Mohawk Trail East, Massachusetts  - bike parked against informational booth at top of climb

Information booth at the top of the climb.

Cycling Mohawk Trail East, Massachusetts  - PJAMM Cyclist  stands with bike next to sign reading "Whitcomb Summit," large white and brick building behind him

Climb summit.