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Magnolia Road


Short but double digit climb out of Boulder, CO

Page Contributor(s): Christopher Jacobs - Boulder, CO

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary


The thing about Magnolia Road is that it hits you with a right cross on the chin as soon as you enter the ring -  after a few pedal strokes you are at 11.8% average grade for a quarter mile and 11% for the first mile (gaining a whopping 620' over that distance).   The steepest stretch is .2 miles at mile 2.88-3.08 (16.4%).   This is a beautiful and scenic ride as can be seen from our YouTube playlist of the climb.  We enter Roosevelt National Forest at .8 miles as we struggle with mid-teen grades just before the grade eases for a short bit at about the .9 mile mark.  This little devil will test your legs - it has the 7th highest average grade of the Top 100 climbs at 10%.

The climb and its grade can be followed on our YouTube video which uses Garmin Virb with grade and elevation overlays.

Traffic and Roadway report:  As of August, 2014, the roadway surface was very good, and, while there is no shoulder on this road, there is not a lot of traffic either - the road felt safe to ride.