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Mix Canyon


The steepest 2.5 mile segment in California.

Page Contributor(s): Tony Buffington, Woodland Hills, CA, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Mix Canyon Road

Ride a mere four miles, but at a stout 10.5% average grade.

​​Mix Canyon is a short but very challenging climb near Vacaville, California and is the seventh steepest 2.5 mile road bike climb segment in the U.S., and the steepest in California. The grade increases with each mile – the first mile is 5.8%, mile two is 8.8%, mile three is 12.8% and, finally, the coup de grace: a whopping 13.4% for mile four.  There are not many dramatic views, with the exception of a couple of opportunities eastward down towards the Vacaville/Fairfield area near the top of the climb.  What makes this climb notable is the significant and difficult grade over the last two miles.  

A windy, narrow road through a canyon with minimal distant views.


The finish is at the “Y” up to the radio towers (left) and Blue Ridge Road (right).  

     There are no Top 100 rides in the near vicinity and this is not a “destination climb,” but it is a unique ride that is worthwhile if you happen to be travelling through or live in the area.

Views near the top on a clear day.

Photos clockwise from top left:  North; northeast; east; west.

Photos by Tony Buffington, Woodland, CA

Traffic and Roadway Surface Report:  The roadway is very narrow, essentially a wide one-laner the entire route.  The roadway surface is in moderate to somewhat poor condition in spots.  However, despite being fairly narrow, the road is safe as it has very little traffic.  The descent is technical and caution is mandatory due to the incredibly steep grade and narrow width of the roadway. The road dead-ends at a no trespass sign at the top, about 4.75 miles from the beginning of Mix Canyon Road.

Spooky at the end on a late finishing night 9-25-15.