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6.6 mi
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This is the crown of Mallorca's cycling mecca and one of the most cycled climbs in the world - as of January 2021 there had been 174,000 recorded Strava rides up this route (Strava - Formentor Climb). The road snakes its way up to the Lighthouse of cap de Formentor (Google Map + Reviews) with great views of the Baltic Sea - this is a bucket list bike ride (in truth its more ride than climb - see profile). 
Average grade is 1.7% (4.3% climb only).  30% of the ride is descent, 45% is at 0-5% grade, 21% is at 5-10%, 3% is at 10-15%, and 1% is at 15-20%.  The steepest 500 meters is 7.9% and steepest kilometer 7%. 

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Roadway:  Two lane road in excellent condition with broken white line and no shoulder. 

Traffic:  Moderate to heavy.

Parking:  There is a parking lot at the beginning of this climb (MapStreet View). 
Provisions:   Cafeteria Far Formentor at the finish (Google Map + Reviews). 
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See PJAMM's Formentor Route - 80 kilometers with 1,300 meters elevation gain.  The reviews of the views from the lighthouse at the finish of this climb are very high and endorse the extraordinary scenes (Google Map + Reviews).  



Difficulty: Moderate



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Apr 29, 2023
difficulty: Moderate
scenery: 5
traffic: 2
road: 4
Apr 29, 2023
scenery: 5
traffic: 2
road: 4
The hardest climb on this ride is actually the first hill before you start the listed route. Most of the ride has incredible views of the sea. Go early or late in the day to avoid the chaos of far too many cars and cyclists converging on the same point at the end of the road.
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panoramic view of two-lane highway roadway leading to white lighthouse, blue ocean surrounding roadway

Cycling Cap de Formentor, Mallorca

Ride 10.7 kilometers gaining 301 meters at 1.6% average grade (5.3% climb only)

Cycling Cap de Formentor in Mallorca is an incredible experience for cycling enthusiasts. Cap de Formentor is a stunning peninsula located on the northernmost point of the island, known for its dramatic cliffs, breathtaking views, and challenging roads. The ride offers spectacular natural beauty as you cycle along the winding road that hugs the coastline. You'll be treated to stunning vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, rugged cliffs, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

photo collage shows up close and distant view of Cap de Formentor lighthouse, hairpin turns in roadway, bike parked next to low retaining wall made from white columns

This is a gorgeous and extremely popular bike climb located at the northern tip of the Spanish Island of Mallorca.  If you want to talk about popularity and fame - as of November 2022 there were 149,595 Strava members completing the climb and none other than Alberto Contador was the KOM.  Now THAT’S a climb you’d walk over broken glass to do - well, at least I would . . . 😊

photo collage shows PJAMM Cyclists riding the Cap de Formentor climb

The climb is within a UNESCO World Heritage site:

“The Cultural Landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana located on a sheer-sided mountain range parallel to the north-western coast of the island of Mallorca. Millennia of agriculture in an environment with scarce resources has transformed the terrain and displays an articulated network of devices for the management of water revolving around farming units of feudal origins. The landscape is marked by agricultural terraces and inter-connected water works - including water mills - as well as dry stone constructions and farms” (UNESCO: Cap de Formentor).

photo collage shows PJAMM Cyclists riding along Cap de Formentor climb, through Tunnel Rocoso

Tunnel Rocoso.

It’s really a toss up between Cap de Formentor and Sa Calobra for the top climb on Mallorca (maybe all of Spain).  The most popular part of the Island of Mallorca is the north, and Sa Calobra and Cap Formentor are both within easy striking distance of both.

View from Mirador Cala Figuera at kilometer 5.6

While the first 10 kilometers of the climb are over rollers and of modest difficulty, there is a 1.7 kilometer 5.8% climb beginning at kilometer 4  and ending just past Mirador Cala Figuera, offering great views of the bay below and to the northeast (above photo collage, top right).  Tunnel Rocoso is in the middle of this segment and is 500 meters at 5.7% (above photo collage, bottom right).  There are badly worn stairs on the right side of the tunnel on the ascent side that lead to the cliff overlooking the bay below.  The last 500 meters of this route to the lighthouse average a challenging 9%, and WHAT a reward at the end!!

photo collage shows picnic set up on cliffside at climb finish, white lighthouse

The cherry on the top of this climb.

Here is Lisa Irizarry’s 50 mile 4,365’ route that includes Cap Formentor.

Along the route, there are a few rest stops and viewpoints where you can take a break, enjoy the scenery, and replenish your energy. These stops often provide refreshments and restroom facilities, allowing you to refuel before continuing your ride.

Cap de Formentor is one of the world’s greatest lighthouse climbs.  The other two world greatest lighthouse climbs are:

Mull of Kintyre, Scotland

photo collage shows aerial drone view of the Mull of Kintyre lighthouse from the coastline

Punta Teno Lighthouse, Tenerife, Spain

photo collage shows bright blue ocean, white and red striped lighthouse