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Mt. Soledad - Via Capri


Best views in San Diego County at the top!

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There are several routes from San Diego and La Jolla to the top of Mt. Soledad and the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial.   The short, but STEEP,  route from La Jolla and Hidden Valley/Via Capri Roads is by far the most difficult of all segments to the top.  This is probably the best climb and repeat segment in the La Jolla/San Diego proper area.  



The views from the top (the cross) are the most spectacular in the San Diego area, offering 360 degree views of San Diego, the Pacific Ocean, La Jolla,  UCSD, Miramar, etc.   This climb is a must for all cyclists in the San Diego/La Jolla area, or anyone visiting the area (carbon fiber mid-level bicycles can be rented for reasonable prices at UC Cyclery in La Jolla.  



Traffic and roadway surface:  Early in the morning is the best time to climb any side of Mt. Soledad as traffic can pick up later in the morning and day.  The Soledad Mt. Road side has excellent pavement while the Via Capri side is a bit broken up and cracked for the last half.