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Onion Valley Rd


The hardest bike climb in California.

Photos By: Maxfield Bonta

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Climb Summary

Cycling Onion Valley Road: The highest ranked road bike climb in California

Ride 12.9 miles to 9,180’ gaining 5,388’ at 7.7%

A California Top 10 Most Epic Climb.

Start climb in Independence, CA.

Onion Valley Road is rated as the most difficult bike climb in California (CA Top 10), #5 in the United States (US Top 10), and #57 in the world (see PJAMM Home Page for Top 100 World list) , with a Fiets Index score of 14.5.

This magnificent climb is located in the heart of Owens Valley, which, with a base elevation of 4,500' and surrounded by multiple 14,000' peaks, is one of the deepest valleys in the U.S.  Owens Valley is a graben “down dropped” block of land situated between two vertical faults, creating the unparalleled extended steep grades along the valley’s eastern border with the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Owens Valley is a mecca for road bike climbing and boasts the greatest concentration of Top 100 Climbs of any area in the country.  For more information on other rides in the area, check out our Owens Valley Climb Area Page.  


Cycling near the top of Onion Valley Road, Owens Valley CA

The steepest ¼ mile is 15% and begins ½ mile past this sign.

Cycling near the top of Onion Valley Road, Owens Valley CA

Eastern Sierra Mountains -- extremely steep.

The 13 mile climb averages nearly 8%, and I did not see my Garmin go below 7% over the last eight miles.  And lets just say that was looking at it (read: down) a lot!  The grade is very steady at 8-9% with some segments reaching 12% and others 7% over the last half of the climb -- that, coupled with altitude, makes this a very challenging bike climb.

     View of Horseshoe Meadows Road from Onion Valley Road

 Horseshoe Valley Road to the left as we begin the climb.

When to Climb Onion Valley Road by Bike:  Well, more like when not to do the climb -- we are too close to Death Valley to be doing anything in the Owens Valley in the summer.  OK, honestly, we have done rides in and near Death Valley in the summer a lot, but do not recommend it.  The average high temperatures for the summer time frame are 92° in June, 98° in July, and 96° in  August.  We suggest May or September, as the months just before or after could put you into a snowstorm as we climb towards the top of this dead-end climb that tops out just above 9,000’.

Cyclist nearing the top of Onion Valley Road

How to Climb Onion Valley Road by Bike: Pick the right time and train well, as this is the hardest climb in California at 13 miles and 7.7% average grade (¼ mile at 13.4% and ½ mile at 11.7%).  The climb begins in Independence, California, at the corner of North Webster Street and Onion Valley Road (Strava Onion Valley segment start; Latitude: 36.80159, Longitude,  -118.20197).  We commonly stay in Bishop (40 miles north of Independence, and the start of the Onion Valley Climb) at the Creekside Inn, next to Erick Schat’s Bakery.   Together, the inn and the bakery make the 40 mile trip to the climb worthwhile.

Except for the first couple of miles, this climb averages nearly 8%  -- it is a very challenging climb.

While there is at least one climb in the area that rivals Onion Valley (U.S. 100 #7/World #69 Horseshoe Meadows), Onion Valley Road is almost uniformly considered the most difficult road bike climb in California, and rightly so.  There are no provisions along this route and the temperatures during the summer will often exceed 100 for the first half of the climb.  Cross winds are also a factor on the descent.

Inyo National Forest sign on Onion Valley Road, Independence, CA

Enter Inyo National Forest at mile 3.8.

Bicycle climb Onion Valley Road - Independence, Owens Valley and road leading from Indpendence

Photo Center:  Independence is the green area.


(10 giant hairpins)

Cycling Onion Valley Road - hairpins and owens valley

We make our way through the middle set of the hairpins.

Climbing Onion Valley Road by bike - cyclist on giant hairpin with mountains in background

Last hairpin, one mile to the finish.

There are eight giant hairpins from miles 9.2 to 11.8, over an average and consistent 8.1% grade.  Although Onion Valley Road’s eight hairpins fall 40 short of Stelvio’s . . . there is a bit of a resemblance, don’t you think??

Cycling Onion Valley Road - hairpins and owens valley

Seven of the last eight hairpins on OVR, compared to . . .

Bicycle ride Onion Valley Road - hairpins

. . . Passo Dello Stelvio, Italy -- the most famous hairpins in the world.

Cyclist at Onion Valley Road Elevation 9200 sign

Photos clockwise from top right -

2011, 2019, 2014, 2017.

Roadway Surface and Traffic Report:  The roadway surface as of October, 2019 was good and traffic has been very light the six times we have climbed Onion Valley Road between 2011 and 2019.  The only irritation are the freeze joints in the road which are noticeable on the descent (see photo above).

Those joints get old after a while on the descent.  😞

That’s a wrap!!