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Old Howell Mountain Road


Gradual and private climb towards Pope Valley and Angwin from Napa Valley

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Climb Summary

Cycling Old Howell Mountain Road

Ride 7.3 miles gaining 1,820’ at 4.4% average grade.


Climb begins near Meadwood Resort, St. Helena

Old Howell Mountain Road (marked at the beginning as Howell Mountain) is a  pleasant rural jaunt through the Howell Mountains which run north/south at the  eastern edge of Napa Valley.  The climb begins at the intersection of scenic  Silverado Trail (near the discrete entrance to posh Meadowood Resort).  Along this  climb, we pass by some (but not many) vineyards, a distant view of Lake Henessey  to the south, a fair amount of oak and scrub oak, through tiny Angwin and Pacific Union  College to the unmarked finish near Ink Grade.  

Road closed to everything - but we went for it - no problem

Mile 1.3.

Mile 4 - turn right onto Howell Mountain Road


Ride through Angwin on our way to the finish - mile 6


     This climb is not too challenging and there is a nice 25 mile loop that includes  Old Howell Mountain and Ink Grade that begins at the intersection of Old Howell  Mountain and Silverado Trail for those who prefer a bit of climbing along their  incredibly scenic cycling trip through Napa Valley.

     Traffic/Roadway Surface:  The roadway is varies from narrow and a bit bumpy to  very smooth and wide.  The first 4 miles have very little traffic while the last 3 are on  a bit busier roadway, but with a very nice shoulder.  This is a safe ride.