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Cavedale Road


A very popular climb on a rough road with little traffic and some great views.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Cavedale Road - cyclist riding on road - mt tam and sonoma valley in background 

Cycling Cavedale Road, Sonoma County, CA

Ride 4.9 miles gaining 1,900’ at 7.3% average grade.

This climb ranks #7 on the Sonoma County Top 10 list with a Fiets Index of 4.2

Bike climb Cavedale Road - cyclists, road signs and roadway at start

Start - Hwy 12 and Cavedale Road.

  Cycling Cavedale Road - cyclist at the start - road signs


Bike climb Cavedale Road - cyclist riding past roadway monument

Interesting monument near the start.

Private funds contributed in 1915 to build the road.

Sheesh . . . talk about inflation!

The view along much of the first half of the ride is very scenic, with  spectacular views of the Sonoma Valley and its vineyards far below.  The grade is  generally smooth (albeit moderately steep), with a few extreme pitches (a couple of short stretches in  the 16% range).  

Narrow road, but minimal traffic and some great views of the Sonoma Valley

Climbing Cavedale Road by bike - truck on road 

Mt. Tam can be seen in the background of both video clips.

    Cavedale Road bike ride - sonoma valley , Mt. Tamalpais,  San Pablo Bay

Mt. Tamalpais in the background - photo center.

Cycling Cavedale Road - Mt. Tamalpais, San Pablo Bay, San Francisco

Lower half of Cavedale Road bike climb.

Mt. St. Helena top center of photo to the north via drone aerial photo from top of Cavedale climb.

Cycling Cavedale Road - cave with leprechaun

This likely put the “Cave” in Cavedale!

Descent:  We stongly recommend against descending this road.  The pavement is extremely poor, with many potholes, gravel and  rough stretches (one of the worst in Sonoma County).  The alternate descent is Trinity Road which intersects Cavedale about 2.3 miles west along rolling generally flat terrain.

Biking Cavedale Road - rough road


Steepest ½ mile starts at mile 2.9 (9.8%)

Biking Cavedale Road - rough road

That’s a wrap!