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Fort Ross Road West


One of our favorite Sonoma County climbs - private and steep among the redwoods.

Photos By: Maxfield Bonta

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Climb Summary

cycling Fort Ross Road - road, fog over Pacific Ocean

Cycling Fort Ross Road - from the west

View west from top of western climb - Pacific Ocean covered with fog

 Sonoma County Top 5 Scenic Bike Climbs


This climb is the  shortest in the Tri-County Top 10, but has the steepest average grade at 10.9%.  During nearly the entire ride you are surrounded by redwood forest making for a private  and very unique climb.  The smell of the coast and redwoods coupled with the mild  temperatures  make for a very enjoyable ride (aside from the double digit grade over the  entire ascent).  

Bike climb Fort Ross Road - Fort Ross sign on Hwy 1   

Bike climb Fort Ross Road - Fort Ross sign on Hwy 1

 Bike climb Fort Ross Road - 2 cyclists on bikes in redwoods

Traffic/Roadway surface:  This is a narrow effectively one lane road that has very little  traffic.  The road is in fair condition.  Descending can be a bit harrowing as the road has  many sharp turns, rough and gravel surface and is so steep it is very difficult to keep your  speed down.

Bike climb Fort Ross Road - 2 cyclists at top of climb


Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 4.3 (11.3%)



Peter Sagan (SVK) outsprints the field

Santa Rosa, Stage 1 2012 Tour of California

Photo: Kent Porter / Press Democrat 2012

Fort Ross Road has been featured once in the Tour of California:

  • 2012 Stage 1

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