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Geysers Road South


A top Sonoma County climb out of the vineyards of the beautiful Alexander Valley.

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Climb Summary


Cycling Geysers Road - Sonoma County’s second hardest road bike climb

Ride 4.1 miles gaining 1,841’ at 8.7% average grade.


California Top 10 Most Scenic Bike Climb

This is the fourth highest Fiets Index ranked climb in the Sonoma-Napa-Lake  area and offers spectacular views of the Alexander Valley, one of the  premier vineyard regions in the world.  The climb, with a couple of exceptions, has a fairly even, albeit steep, 6-8% grade throughout.  The descent of the Geysers is one of the most  exciting in the county. During the summer, the temperatures can approach and  exceed 100 degrees, so beware of the weather.    


 Supplies:  Geyserville and/or the Jimtown Store have any supplies you would need  for this climb.

If climbing Ida Clayton, Geysers or Pine Flat, be sure to stop at the Jimtown Store

6706 Hwy 128, Healdsburg

Roadway surface/Traffic:  The roadway is in fairly good condition, other than 2 brief  stretches of gravel just beyond the 3 mile mark.  Traffic is very light and the road  is wide and often has a bike lane.  This is one of the safer climbs you will find.


Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile .4 (12%)