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Alpe Rossombolmo


Reports are that the climb is terribly steep and the pavement in disrepair

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary


1 km up the climb looking northeast from above Ornavasso

But first . . .

After 45 days and 49 climbs on my Brad’s European Tour it was time for a little TLC



The Alpe Rossombolmo cycling climb is a very challenging yet gorgeous top bike climb in Italy’s Lake District located in the northern Italian Alps.  The pavement is smooth until 3.5 miles to go, then it gets very very rough.


Smooth at the bottom transitioning to very rough to rock/gravel at the finish


Some switchbacks are approaching 40% according to our garmin.

Most of the climb is shaded which is really nice on a hot day. There aren’t any stores of cafes going up. It looks to be mostly residential/farming access. The last 450 feet of the climb are very rough and a cross or mountain bike is preferred.



The pavement stops and the road becomes an un-kept grass/grassy mess.  

If you do ride that part, the road takes you to a goat house. They are friendly but timid goats.

Alpine ibex

Steepest Gradients by DistanceGrades.JPG

Steepest kilometer starts at km 8.2 (20%)