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Stunning views on this amazing Swiss cycling climb!

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Climb Summary

 Climb Summary

Steepest kilometer beings at km 1.7 (14.5%)

PJAMM will ride and document this climb in June, 2018.  We have confirmed with several Strava members who have ridden this climb that it can be done on a road bike:

Ties Ards:

 I have made the entire map (with RidewithGPS):   note there is a tunnel in the last part but not good on the map though

 Read and see pictures from the person who has climbed

  I would shorten the FIETS index with 1.5 point versus what is in ridewithGPS to include the tunnel

The first 2.5km are paved the rest is doable unpaved

Yes, I read an article from a guy including picture that he made it.  The end looks at the AletschGletscher, amazing view.  Gravel is Colle delle Finestre alike.

Ralf Machoy -  Only the first part is paved, followed by gravel. Climb gradient is approximately by 12% average.  No chance to do it with a race bike, you will need a MTB! But there are many mountain passes in the vicinity, where you can have a lot of fun. Furka, Grimsel, Susten, Oberalp, Gotthard, Simplon...

John Johnson:  Ralf - sorry to be pushy - but I am charting the Top World Climbs by Road Bike and if i can get up a climb on road bike with 32mm tires, i add it to the list - with 34 chainring and 36 or 42t cassette do you believe this climb could be done on a road bike? Thank

Ralf Machoy Probably yes. But I guess, nobody tried it before and you won’t have much fun. Neither uphill nor downhill;-)

Stefano Barbazza Hi John . The ascent is asphalted in the first part, then becomes dirty but

Hwg j:  No it is not paved. Some parts are gravel.

John Johnson Thank you hwg j - although not paved, do you believe that with the proper gearing and

32mm tires, it could be done on a road bike? Like Col delle Finestre? Thank you

hwg j Hi John, I think the descent is a little bit too rough on a road bike.