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Ebbetts Pass West


Short and sweet - #4 Pass of Death Ride

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Climb Summary

Cycling Ebbetts Pass West - PJAMM Cycling John Johnson at summit sign

Cycling Ebbetts Pass West

Ride 5.2 miles gaining 1,650’ at 6% average grade.

This climb begins after the 5.2 mile descent from the top of Ebbetts Pass East (Pass 3) and is, of course, 5.2 miles of climbing back up to Ebbetts Summit. You will have traveled approximately 60 miles and climbed about 9,500' by the beginning of climb number 4.

cycling Ebbetts Pass West - PJAMM Cycling group on death ride

PJAMM 2015

     Bike climb Ebbetts Pass West - share the road sign with cyclists passing it

Use caution on Ebbetts West descent as the road is narrow with many curves and ascending cyclists in your direction, some riding dangerously 2-3 abreast towards the middle of the road, and even across it at times.

​This is a scenic climb that is brief in comparison to the other four passes climbed during the full Death Ride.

Roadway surface and traffic: The roadway surface was good in April and July, 2014 and there will be no vehicle traffic during the Death Ride as the road is closed to such during the event.


Photo - from upper left clockwise:

Ebbetts Pass East; Monitor Pass West; Ebbetts Pass West. and Monitor Pass East.

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