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Overlaps Grosser Osheniksee, another Top 100 World Climb

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

We have ridden the first portion of this climb as part of the #19 World Climb, Grosser Oscheniksee.  Instead of turning right onto the private road up to the Oscheniksee Reservoir at mile 7 / kilometer 11.3, we continue up the main road, past the Power Station at mile 8 / kilometer 12.9, past Molitaler Gletscherbahnen ski station at mile 8.8 (km 14) to the end of the road and end of the Molltaler Gletscherexpress gondola line that begins at the base of the ski resort.  

PJAMM will ride and document this climb in August, 2018.  We have confirmed with several Strava members who have ridden this climb that it can be done on a road bike:

Michele Zavatta The road is asphalted, careful that the average slope is 10%

Herbert Platzer As far as the Weissseehaus, the road is asphalted. On my route, however, I also used gravel and forest paths.


Mile 6/km 10