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Overlaps Grosser Osheniksee, another Top 100 World Climb

Page Contributor(s): Erwan Treguier, Brittany, France.

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Climb Summary

Tram to the top of the climb - the cowards way out!

This brutal ascent is within the Grobkirchheim, Austria Top World Climb Area

Photo contributions by Erwan Treguier, Brittany, France.

Climb ends near the top left of the map just below the Hochwurtenspeicher Reservoir.

A section of this climb overlaps the first part of the #19 World Climb, Grosser Oscheniksee.  Instead of turning right onto the private road up to the Oscheniksee Reservoir at mile 4.6 / kilometer 7.4, we continue up the main road, past the Power Station, past Molitaler Gletscherbahnen ski station at mile 8.8 (km 14) to the end of the road at the top of the Molltaler Gletscherexpress gondola line that begins at the base of the ski resort.  



We have never heard of anyone being stopped on this climb . . .

. . . but, fair warning, nonetheless.

This is a hydroelectric area - which usually means STEEP!

Some very nice kehres (hairpins) along the climb.

Steepest segments.