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Badger Mountain Road


Nice climb across the Columbia River from Mission Ridge in central Washington State

Page Contributor(s): Stacy Topping, Tacoma, WA, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Badger Mountain Road

Ride 7.5 miles gaining 2,525’ at 6.3% average grade.

Badger Mtn Rd PJAMM Documented Ride Ranked # 10 WA State

Distance 7.5 Average grade 6.90% Elevation Gained 2462

This open space mountain ride starts at Eastmont Ave 15th and Badger Mtn Rd in Wenatchee,Wa.  Badger Mtn Road is mostly uphill with a grade average of  6.90%, topping out at 12% and is considered Category two, not suitable for beginners.    It is a good road and has a small shoulder but is traveled by cars, so cyclists need to be careful   What you’ll see on this ride is small housing areas, rolling wheatfields, fields of wildflowers, view of the town, lake, and mountain range.  It is completely exposed so best to ride in morning or late afternoon on a hot day and wear your sun protection  

Wenatchee is the largest city in Chelan County and known as the Apple Capital of the World.  The views from Badger Mtn are excellent of the city of Wenatchee,Lake Chelan and the Cascade Mountain Range.