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Mt. Baker


Very scenic climb to Artist Point.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Mt. Baker

Ride 24 miles gaining 4,679’ at 3.3% average grade.  

Photo: Stacy Topping one mile up, 24 to go!

This scenic northern Washington bike climb begins in Glacier, WA (population 211 in 2010) by riding east on Highway 542.  Glacier is the community closest to Mt. Baker, the northernmost mountain of the Cascade volcanoes, which stretch as far south as Lassen Peak in northern California and also include Mt. Shasta, Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier.  Mt. Baker is  10,781’ and was first summitted by Edmund Coleman on August 17, 1868.

Climbing Mt. Baker by bike - view of Mt. Baker across the Salish Sea

Mount Baker as seen from the Salish Sea near Port Angeles, WA (on our Hurricane Ridge cycling trip).

While the average grade of the Mt. Baker climb is only 3.3%, the steepest mile begins at mile 1.4 (9%) and the steepest five mile stretch begins at mile 12.7 and continues almost to the top, averaging 6.2%.

Excellent views of Mt. Shuksan (9,131’)  along the climb -- here at mile 19.

Bicycle climb Mt. Baker - pond near Chain Lakes Trailhead

Pond at the Chain Lakes Trailhead -- mile 22.

Biking Mt. Baker - Stacy Topping and Bruce Hamilton of PJAMM with bikes at Artist Point with  Mt. Shuksan in background

Climb ends at Artist Point -- Mt. Baker in the background (peak 10,781’’).

Southwestern view from Artist Point of Mt. Baker.

Thank you Bruce Hamilton and Stacy Topping!!