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Lincoln Gap West


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Climb Summary

Cycling Lincoln Gap West - Road signs for East River Road and Lincoln Gap Road, bike leaning against Lincoln Gap Road sign, dense grasses and foliage behind signs, road in foreground

Cycling Lincoln Gap West

Ride 3.6 miles gaining 1,433’ at 7.7% average grade.

Cycling Lincoln Gap West - winding road through dense foliage, bike leaning against road sign for 20% gradient, bike standing in green pastureland with blue skies, bike leaning against trail sign for Lincoln Gap, Garmin device showing 26% grade

Each side of the gap has a 30-50 yard segment at 26%. 😓

Cycling Lincoln Gap West - Gradient profile, road sign for Lincoln Gap Road with bike propped against it, bike leaning against guardrail overlooking river

Climb begins at the bridge over New Haven River.

This is a beautiful ride through pastures and then up a brutally steep one mile segment to the finish at the highest paved road in Vermont. The last mile of the climb averages 13% and includes a quarter mile averaging a whopping 17%.

Just before the 17% ¼ mile segment.

Cycling Lincoln Gap West - photo collage, rusted vintage car parked in field behind wire fence, green tractor mowing field, red barns with white doors under cloudy sky, bike parked in pastureland

We pass a few farms on the bottom section of the climb.

There are about two miles of very manageable gravel before the killer final mile.

Cycling Lincoln Gap West - bike propped against hiking sign for Lincoln Gap, lush, tree covered two lane road, winding road with steep gradient road sign, 20% grade road sign with yellow flowers, bike laying down across double yellow line along a straightaway in road under dense tree coverage

Lincoln Gap is the highest paved road in Vermont.

Photos are of the area within 100 yards of, and at, the gap.