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Bwlch Penbarra (SW #88)

United Kingdom

All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Bwlch Penbarra (SW #88)

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Climb Summary


Old Saint Peter’s Church just before start of climb

Rolling up to the turn to start the climb we pass the 700+ year old Old St. Peter’s Church, Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd (c. 1291).

The road becomes very narrow uponing turning from A494 to Lon Cae Glas where the climb begins.

Bike climb Bwlch Penbarra #88  Simon Warren 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs  - road sign 

Climb starts and road narrows here.

The 2.3 kilometers of the climb are fairly steady, but at 11.4%!  There is a 200 meter section beginning at 900 meters that averages a punishing 18%.

As we climb we enter open grazing pasture land.  We also have noticed that the cloud formations of Britain, at least during August and September when we rode there, are picturesque unto themselves.

A few sheep along the way.

Typical Britain picturesque cloud formations.

Offa’s Dyke Path hiking trail at the top of the climb.

. The summit is a popular hiking spot it seems. The second half of the climb is exposed and the road it cut into the barron side on the mountain. Pretty steep and difficult climb by welsh standards.


Steepest kilometer begins at 600m (15.6%)

This is quite a challenging climb in northern Wales. A nice article summarizing this challenging climb is found at