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Powder Mountain


Absolute MONSTER CLIMB in northern Utah - a Must Do for anyone with High Grade Fever at 9.5% for 7.6 miles!

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Climb Summary

Bike at top of powder mountain climb by bike

 Cycling Powder Mountain - one of the most difficult bike climbs in Utah and the US.

This climb averages double digits and is a Top 100 World Bike Climb.

Bring your climbing legs for the very challenging Powder Mountain bike climb near Salt Lake City, Utah.  The ride begins with a  modest 5.1% average grade for the first 1 ½ miles, and ends with 5.6  miles of 11.1% average grade, with Mile 3-4 at 13.8%.   As is dramatically evident from the elevation grid above, the orange-red sections, representing 8-15% grades, are prominent continuously through the final two-thirds of the climb. This is a very unusual elevation profile as we rarely see 5 continuous miles of such steep gradient.  

Cyclist passing roadway warning sign

We are most definitely in snow country in these parts.  

This climb takes us to the base of Powder Mountain Ski Resort.

PJAMM bicyclist passing steep grade sign on Powder Mountain bike climb

Fair warning!

While Powder Mountain does not have the spectacular views as many of the other Top 100’s, is a highly recommended climb due to its extreme challenge and high Fiets Index score.  The start point is only an hour from the Salt Lake City International Airport and can be climbed in the same day as #32 Little Cottonwood Canyon (74 miles south),  #39 Big Cottonwood Canyon 70 miles south, or Guardsman (#15) and Empire Passes (#47) which begin at the same location and are 101  miles south of the beginning of the Powder Mountain climb.

The Powder Mountain bike climb begins at the northern end of Eden, Utah and ends in the middle of Powder Mountain ski/board area.

Cyclist passing avalanche warning roadway sign on Powder Mountain top US bike climb   

Powder Mountain entrance sign

                                                                                    Where the climb gets its name . . .

The traditional 6.2 mile Powder Mountain route is increased 10% in rating by turning right just before the dirt parking lot at mile 6.1 and riding another 1.3 miles, gaining 608’ at 7.8% at the Strava Segment named Powder King!.

Road to top of Powder Mountain climb by bike

The new (and improved?) Powder Mountain route - bumps climb from Fiets from 11.04 to 12.70!

Summit Pass Road Sign with cyclist on Powder Mountain Utah bike climb.

Summit Pass - New top of the Powder Mountain bike climb


Start of steepest grade starts at mile 3 (15.%)

Roadway-Traffic-Descent Report:  The roadway is very good and there is minimal traffic on this climb.  The descent is one of the fastest you will ever experience.  The author had a close call with high speed front wheel shimmy for the first time ever while descending this mountain - close call.