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There's a reason that the winning times in Wales are usually a full hour slower than any other Ironman - this is indisputably the hardest 140.6 course in the world. This race combines elevation gain, steep gradients, and adverse weather with an extremely hilly run.  However the epic Welsh scenery and thousands upon thousands of fans lining the entire course make this a once in a lifetime experience.

IRONMAN Wales is a full distance triathlon located in Tenby, United Kingdom. The swim is 2.4 mi, bike is 112 mi, and the run is 26.2 mi. Use the profile tool, route maps, weather forecast, and other tools on this page to more efficiently and effectively train for your race.

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If you're not within walking distance you can park in this garage between the swim start and transition

Historical Weather:
Wales in September: Cold, cloudy, wet, rainy. Very cold waters and even cooler air temperature. Check the PJAMM Cycling Weather Tool for current and historic weather data.

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   IRONMAN Wales 

Notoriously the hardest Ironman, this course has the longest average finishing time across all age groups in the world, over 13 hours for mortals and over 9 hours for pros. The last few years have also seen a 12% DNF rate - more than one out of every 10 people who try this race fail.

Bike Course Recon                                                                        

Overall Surface Quality: 

Excellent, parts may get slippery when it rains

Strava workout from last year’s race: 

Strava Segment: 

Significant Ascents:

Dozens of “rollers” that could really be categorized as category 2 or 3 climbs. Quite a few of these break 5%, and there is nearly 3km of the course at over a 10% grade:

5-10% grade:

+10% grade:

Steepest Climb: Wisemans Bridge to Saundersfoot (@ km 105 and 171)

  • 0.9km @ 7.6%
  • 65m climbed
  • Approximate max gradient: 22%

Longest Climb: Climb into Cross Hands (@ km 78 and 144)

  • 4.4km, 111m climbed
  • Peak gradient: 7.2%

Rolliest section: Km 90 - 98 and 156 - 164

  • 7 rollers over 7.7km
  • Biggest: 1km @ 6.1%

Click here to view a full interactive profile of the 112 mile course.

Transition Layout 

Obstacles and Other Notes:

  • Along with lots of steep uphills, there are lots of very steep downhill sections too, breaking -10%. None of them are long enough to be technical, but they often have a  turn at the bottom - be sure to review our profile tool to get familiar with these.
  • A long run from the swim exit to transition
  • Due to the amount of climbing and descending, it’s not uncommon to see people choose to ride road bikes with drop bars + clip on aero bars for this triathlon.

Current / Historical Weather Patterns

Link to main race site: 

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