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You'd never expect an event in Tulsa to take off like this one, but this has quickly became one of the favorite triathlons in America. Beginning in just 2021, the hilly but fast course has captured the hearts of age-groupers and attracted the likes of world class pros such as 5-time world champion and Kona course record holder Daniela Ryf, 2017 and 2018 world-champion Patrick Lange, USA Olympian Andy Potts, and 2018 Kona runner up Bart Aernouts.  Its central location makes it an ideal race destination for athletes all over the country.

IRONMAN Tulsa is a full distance triathlon located in Mannford, OK. The swim is 2.4 mi, bike is 112 mi, and the run is 26.2 mi. Use the profile tool, route maps, weather forecast, and other tools here to more efficiently and effectively train for your race.
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Full Event Schedule

You will park at the Oklahoma State University Tulsa campus Lot A and a mandatory athlete shuttle will take you to Keystone Lake. Shuttles will run from 4am to 5:45am. Spectators will be allowed on the shuttles after 5am, there will be no parking at the lake/T1. 

Historical Weather:
Tulsa in late May can either be very nice or very hot. May and June are the most humid months of the year.  Check the PJAMM Cycling Weather Tool for current and historic weather data.

Local Tri Shops:

Local Public Pools:
(non-members are allowed one free visit to YWCA facilities)

Popular open water swim areas:
 No swimming in Shell Lake (used for city water)
Information Not Available

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There are lots of places to stay in Tulsa. Here are our pics:
For convenience: 

For the Tulsa Experience: 

Oklahoma BBQ is a must-try.  Appropriately, its a perfect mix of Kansas City Style (ribs and thick sweet sauces -think Sweet Baby Rays) and Texas Style (beef!). Below are our favorites.
Good Restaurants:
It's 1 hour south, but if you're driving up I-44 to get to the race, The Butcher BBQ Stand is our all-time favorite in the state.

Good Brews (☕️+🍺):

Good Brews (☕️+🍺):




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Route Data
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   IRONMAN Tulsa

Bike Course Recon                                                                        

Overall Surface Quality: 

Average - well paved, but most of course is weathered rural roads

Strava workout from last year’s race:

Sam Carr, #1 overall: 

Significant Ascents:

There aren’t any PJAMM ranked climbs on the course, but Tulsa has some respectable hills in its vicinity. Here are the biggest ones:

129th Ave Climb (@ mi 9.5)            

1.2 mi,   255 ft gained,   10% peak gradient

52nd Ave Climb (@ mi 23.8 and 77)

0.4 mi,   122 ft gained,   14.1% peak gradient

Lake Road Climb (@ mi 29.2 and 82.2)

0.65 mi,   210 ft gained,   14.6% peak gradient

66th Rd Climb (@ mi 48.2 and 101.2)            

1 mi,   180 ft gained,   16.9% peak gradient

There’s also a section of rollers you’ll only do once right before starting the second lap:

Sand Springs Rollers (from mi 59 to 65)            

  • Roller 1:   0.5 mi, 56 ft gained, 8.9% peak gradient
  • Roller 2:   0.4 mi, 61 ft gained, 13.3% peak gradient
  • Roller 3:   0.8 mi, 172 ft gained, 13.8% peak gradient
  • Roller 4:   0.4 mi, 137 ft gained, 13.2% peak gradient
  • Roller 5:   0.5 mi, 107 ft gained, 8.1% peak gradient
  • Roller 6:   1.1 mi, 225 ft gained, 11.7% peak gradient

Click here to view a full interactive profile of the 112 mile course.

Turn By Turn                                                                                

There are only a few turns to be aware of on this course that you’ll either be taking at high speeds or have a very sharp angle:

*Turn angle is measured by the sharpest corner angle throughout the entire turn*

Click thumbnail for example (66˚ turn)

Turn 1:

90˚ Left turn;  @ mi 2.5

Entrance gradient (preceding 0.1 mi):  -7%

Exit gradient (next 0.1 mi):  -1.7%                

Google Street View

Turn 2:

90˚ right turn;  @ mi 33.5 and 86.5

Entrance gradient (preceding 0.1 mi): 3.3%

Exit gradient (next 0.1 mi):  -3.5%                

Google Street View

Turn 3:

90˚ left turn;  @ mi 33.9 and 86.9

Entrance gradient (preceding 0.1 mi): -8.6%

Exit gradient (next 0.1 mi):  0%                

Google Street View

Turn 4:

90˚ right turn;  @ mi 49 and 102

Entrance gradient (preceding 0.1 mi): 3.4%

Exit gradient (next 0.1 mi):  -9%                

Google Street View

Turn 5:

75˚ right turn;  @ mi 40 and 93

Entrance gradient (preceding 0.1 mi): 0%

Exit gradient (next 0.1 mi):  0%                

Google Street View

HAZARD: Turns onto a narrow bike path with a concrete post in the middle of turn, wood fence on either side

Turn 6:

70˚ right turn;  @ mi 43 and 96

Entrance gradient (preceding 0.1 mi): 0%

Exit gradient (next 0.1 mi):  0%                

Google Street View

HAZARD: Turns off of a narrow bike path with a concrete post in the middle of turn, wood fence on either side

Transition Layout

Satellite Image of T1:

Satellite Image of T2:

Obstacles and Other Notes:

  • Miles 40-43 and 93-96 are on a narrow bike path - pass carefully. See turns 5 and 6 above

Current / Historical Weather Patterns

Full Interactive Bike Course Profile

Link to main race site: 

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