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Wuling Pass East, Taiwan

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Trouble in Ukraine
By: Brad Butterfield, Adventurer | PJAMM Cycling

The drive east through Slovakia gave a hint at what was to come in Ukraine. The roads became worse, gas stations were increasingly infrequent, and options for food were reduced to candy bars and chips. We reached the border around 2pm. Though the border station was quite a large and imposing structure, it was also very evidently old, unmaintained and poorly run.


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Cycling Climb - Mauna Kea - USA, HI

#1 Mauna Kea - Hawaii, USA

42.5 mi
13,755 ft
6.1 %

With the highest Fiets Index in the world, Mauna Kea is a colossal, nearly impossible ascent. While the climb itself is intimidating, cyclists must be mentally and physically prepared for dynamic weather conditions, altitude sickness, and varying terrain on one of the longest climbs in the world.

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