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Hwy 143


Fairly remote Utah climb from Parowan to Brian Head ski resort.

Page Contributor(s): Ron Cushing, Cedar City, Utah, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Hwy 143 - Stacy Topping with bike at Fishlake National Forest sign.

Cycling Hwy 143 - Top 50 US bike climb in southwestern Utah

Ride 14 miles gaining 4,384’ to elevation 10,419 at 5.9% average grade.

The Hwy 143 climb starts near Parowan in the fairly remote southwestern section of Utah, sandwiched between 2 other Top 100 U.S. Climbs, Climb #73 Hwy 153 37 miles north and climb #71 Kolob Terrace Rd 68 miles to the south.. The first 6 1/2 miles of this climb are a good warm up at 4.8% while the next 4.5 miles ramp up with an 8.4% average grade (10.2% average grade for the steepest part of the climb - 1.7 miles from mile 9.4 to 11.1). Our view is primarily of forest as we climb 11 miles up to the tiny ski resort community of Brian Head. The 3 miles through and beyond Brian Head are more open and less wooded as we are beginning to move close to above tree line.

Climbing Hwy 143 by bike - start of climb - road and sign

This bike climb begins in Parowan just east of Interstate 15

Bicycle climb up Hwy 143 - 13% grade road sign

There are some steep segments (13.6% for ¼ mile at mile 9.3)

Bicycling Hwy 143 - road far below.

   Bicycle ride Hwy 143 - hairpin curve

2 giant and steep hairpins at mile 10

Climbing Hwy 143 by bike - runaway truck ramp sign

Not a good sign for us on the way up - that is never a good “sign”

Bike ride up Hwy 143 - Steep grade sign at end.

Top of the climb looking back - steep grade to the top.

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 9.6 (13.8%) and steepest mile at mile 9 (11.5%)

Roadway-Traffic Report: Very good roadway, but it is a highway, so we do encounter light but fast traveling traffic with minimal to no shoulder to ride on.