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7.6 mi
1,298 ft
3.2 %


Page Contributor(s): Bruce Hamilton, La Quinta, CA, USA; Stacy Topping, CA, USA;


This climb is located at the eastern edge of Salt Lake City and climbs into the Wasatch Mountain range of the Rocky Mountains, skirting and finally entering Wasatch National Forest just at the finish of the climb. Continue past this summit for the full Big Mountain Summit West climb.
Average grade is 3.2%.  The climb has a consistent gradient - 90% is in the 0-5% range, 9% is at 5-10%, and only 1% being descent.  The steepest quarter-mile is a quite manageable 5.6%.

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Roadway:  Two lanes in fair to good condition with double yellow center stripe and good shoulder most of the climb.

Traffic:  Mild, but this one has a little more traffic than some of the other canyons in the area because there are some houses up there so commuter hours might not be ideal. There also tend to be more bikes on this climb because SLC riders can just pop up there easily. 

Parking:  At the Rotary Glen Bog Park on the right at the start of the climb (MapStreet View).
Provisions:  None on the climb but plenty in Salt Lake City just to our west.  The closest food and water is at the Hogle Zoo just before the start of the climb. 
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This is one of the four paved roads from Salt Lake City into the Wasatch Mountains - others into these great mountains are: City Creek Canyon, and the two big dogs - Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon.   Also see our Park City, UT climb area page for more information on climbs in this area. 

You could park at the Hogle Zoo and then tour that great attraction after your climb (Google Map + Reviews).

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Difficulty: Easy



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Jul 20, 2021
difficulty: Easy
scenery: 3
traffic: 3
road: 5
Jul 20, 2021
scenery: 3
traffic: 3
road: 5
Pretty good climb for a little challenge while taking it easy. The views from Little Mountain Summit are pretty great, and the newly redone road is fantastic. The shoulder on the final switchback is the same width as both lanes of traffic put together. Great place to ride!
May 19, 2021
difficulty: Easy
scenery: 2
traffic: 3
road: 4
May 19, 2021
scenery: 2
traffic: 3
road: 4
By far the most popular canyon with cyclists in the SL valley. While there is a fair amount of traffic, drivers are generally aware of cyclists due to the large number of them in the canyon. They recently redid the road so the pavement quality is decent and the bike lanes are well marked and wide with the exception of a small residential section before the switchbacks. This is a great canyon to start with if you are a newer rider.

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Cycling Emigration Canyon Road - view of little dell reservoir

Cycling Emigration Canyon

Ride 7.6 miles gaining 1,298’ at 3.2% average grade.  

Photo: Little Dell Reservoir from the summit.

This climb is located at the eastern edge of Salt Lake City and climbs into the Wasatch Mountain range of the Rocky Mountains skirting and finally entering Wasatch National Forest just at the finish of the climb.  Continue past this summit for the full Big Mountain Summit West climb.

The following summary is from PJAMM friend and contributor Bruce Hamilton, La Quinta, CA.

This climb starts just at the edge of Salt Lake City not too far from downtown.

Utah state capitol building is only 7 miles from the start of our climb.

The early part is a very gradual climb through residential areas. The second half is a bit steeper but not at all difficult. Scenery changes from canyon to open mountains of the Wasatch toward the top. The crest at the top of the canyon is called Little Mountain Summit and this climb is also the first section of the Big Mountain Summit West climb. Traffic is heavier on this one than other Wasatch climbs in the area due to the proximity to Salt Lake City. But even on a weekend in summer and the traffic was no problem. It is easy to combine this ride as an out and back to include Big Mountain Summit West and East.

Cycling Emigration Canyon Road - bike leaning against little mountain summit monument.

Little Mountain Summit monument - mile 7.6

Thank you Bruce!!