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Bohlman - On Orbit


One of the hardest bike climbs in Santa Clara County.

Page Contributor(s): Dan Razum, Campbell, CA, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - view looking down hill from paved road on hillside, fog rolling in on horizon

Cycling Bohlman - On Orbit, Bohlman

Ride 4.1 miles gaining 2,045’ at 9.3% average grade.

This climb is a beast, ranking as the fourth most difficult in Santa Clara County, with a quarter-mile that averages 17%.

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, road signs for Road Narrows, Road End, sharp turn down road on hillside, stretch of two lane road with trees and brush surrounding

Climb summary and photos by PJAMM’s Dan Razum:

The climb starts at the intersections of Bohlman, Oak, and 6th St, across from Madronia Cemetery.

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo, stop sign along road side, Road Narrows sign along roadside, brick sign for Madronia Cemetery, plaque explaining history of Madronia Cemetery, bike parked against road sign

Climb’s Start.

Bohlman climbs up the mountainside and dead-ends at the top, so luckily there isn't too much traffic. This climb gets steep quickly so it's a good idea to warm up ahead of time.  Bohlman is definitely a steep climb and the gradient just keeps increasing as we climb higher. After about a mile there is a series of curves that are particularly steep. After these curves we come to the intersection with On Orbit. The intersection is basically a T-junction, with Bohlman going to the right and On Orbit going to the left.  

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - bike parked against road sign for Bohlman and On Orbit roads

Left on On Orbit at mile 1.8.

Merge back with Bohlman at mile 2.6.

In this stretch there is 1/10 at 20.4% and 2/10 at 20.2%.

The steepest part of the Bohlman-On Orbit climb is a quarter-mile at 19% during your 0.8 of a mile On Orbit.

On Orbit will meet up again with Bohlman about a half-mile later so at this point you can decide whether to continue on PJAMM Bohlman Route or to take the PJAMM On Orbit route instead. Bohlman climbs away more steeply from this intersection than On Orbit, so at first glance it appears that On Orbit may be the easier route. But appearances are deceiving. After the intersection Bohlman gets a little less steep, while On Orbit goes around a few curves and then really cranks it up.

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - view downhill on two lane road showing very steep gradient

The second half of On Orbit is steeper than any of the previous climbing on Bohlman, which is saying something. On Orbit reaches a mini-peak and then descends down in order to meet up with Bohlman again. After On Orbit and Bohlman come back together there are a few hundred yards of double digit gradient, and then the gradient becomes more reasonable and remains so for the rest of the climb, around another mile and a half.

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - view along two lane road in hillside showing brief descent

Brief descent where On Orbit reconnects with Bohlman. 

There are lots of trees and shade up to the T-junction with On Orbit. Bohlman continues to have a lot of

shade after the junction but On Orbit is more exposed, and with a lot of nice views, which unfortunately

are difficult to see and appreciate when you are trying hard to remain upright on the bike.  Not to worry,

though, there are also some very nice views further up Bohlman, where the gradient isn't so bad.

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, stretches of straight, steep, and curved roadways along the hillside

Views along the climb.

The lower part of Bohlman, until it comes together again with On Orbit, is very narrow with no shoulder.

However, little traffic and very good pavement combine to make the ride feel quite safe.  The upper

part of Bohlman is a proper two-lane road, still without a shoulder, but significantly wider than the lower part.

A lot of this ride has a rural feel but it's actually not very rural at all, there are many houses the

entire way but they are hidden back off the road so you don't notice them.

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, bike parked in tall greenery along hillside, views of Moffett Field and San Jose

Moffett Field left; San Jose right.

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - bike parked next to bench under large oak trees in the valley at golden hour, looking toward dense tree-covered hillsides

Cycling Bohlman On Orbit - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, stretches of narrow one-lane dirt road along hillside, blue sky, greenery, rural looking landscape

The section past where Bohlman finishes to Montevina.

Because of the steepness and sharp curves, Bohlman is not a great descent. However, while Bohlman is a

dead end for cars, there is a dirt trail over the mountain that connects to Montevina Road so a bike has

the option to descend on Montevina instead.  Montevina has great views, is less steep, and has fewer tight

curves than Bohlman, so it's a much nicer descent than Bohlman.  However, Montevina comes out at Highway 17

so you’d need to either take Los Gatos Creek Trail from Lexington Reservoir to Los Gatos, or climb Black Road

or Old Santa Cruz Highway up to Summit Road to go anywhere from the base of Montevina.

If you decide to go to Montevina from the top of Bohlman, just take the first right after the dead-end sign,

on a dirt road that almost looks like a private driveway and that will lead to a three quarters mile long

trail through El Sereno Preserve that comes out on Montevina. The trail is rideable on a road bike although

there are some short steep sections with gravel that are probably better to walk through, just to avoid any

nasty spills on the gravel.

That’s a wrap!!